Comments on events of Wednesday, April 27

Yesterday the discussions between Saab’s representatives and officials from the European Investment Bank, EIB, continued. Saab delivered a counterproposal to the conditions which the EIB have set for the proposed sale of Saab Automobile Property AB. The proposal is now to be considered by the EIB Management Board.

After Tuesday’s meeting with Vladimir Antonov the head of the National Debt Office, Bo Lundgren, made a statement saying that they discussed what the ambition is, if Antonov is approved to act as a financier of Saab. According to Bo Lundgren, the NDO should be able to come to a decision within a couple of days.

In parallel with the dialogues with the EIB and the NDO, Saab has continuous contact with government representatives and is working on many different fronts to secure short and midterm funding. Negotiations with various, potential strategic partners, including Chinese car manufacturing companies, continue.

During Wednesday the plant staff were, for one day, back at their work sites. Employees concerned will be continuously informed via their supervisors about when to go back to work.

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      1. and also maybe because in all negociations in the world it’s better to distribute roles between the nice and bad people……

    1. JÅJ, VM and SAAB have kept a fairly low profile. The sources of most of the blaming and speculations have been EIB and Vladimir Antonov’s spokesperson.

  1. The only bright spot from my dealership perspective here in the US is that as the melodrama continues to unfold, that people have become bored with it, and business goes on as usual. We don’t have customers walking in asking about the situation constantly as the did earlier in this crisis, and they are still buying and servicing their cars. I do wonder, though, about the clients who may have been planning to come in to buy, read the Times or WSJ, then turned tail and went to an Audi or Volvo dealer instead.