Difficult times for a Saab fan

It has been a tough launch for Inside Saab.

The website came online just as Saab was undergoing a liquidity issue, which in turn led to some supply chain problems. The factory here in Trollhattan has been idle for several weeks now, while executives from the company take steps to manage the issue in consultation with several government bodies here in Sweden and elsewhere in Europe.

We stand ready to release a range of new vehicles in the next 18 months that will fulfill the vision outlined when Saab became an independent carmaker in February 2010. Saab sales in various countries have been consolidating upon the release of new low emissions TTID versions of the 9-3 and the pending release of the new Saab 9-3 Griffin range was a further boost to this model’s appeal. We are also about to start production of the Saab 9-4x and the Saab 9-5 SportCombi, both of which should find ready markets in various parts of the world.

With all the upcoming new models and the New York Auto Show currently in full swing, it should be a very exciting time for Saab fans. Unfortunately, that excitement has been tempered with concerns about the company’s future as management works hard to restructure our financial arrangements to better suit our short, medium and long-term goals.

Because Spyker Cars NV is a publicly listed stock, Inside Saab cannot comment on the details of ongoing negotiations that are taking place at this time.

As a Saab enthusiast site run from inside the walls of Saab, however, I can say that all the people I work with here in Trollhattan remain extremely hopeful of a resolution quite soon. Here in the offices at Saab, we are all at work, planning the rollout of these vehicles and the various events and campaigns that will support these new Saabs in the marketplace.

We believe in these vehicles. We believe in this company and its future, and whilst today is a nervous day, we think the future will provide plenty of nerve tingling experiences of a different kind.

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  1. Thanks for the update, Swade. There’s a lot of us out here appreciative and rooting for everyone on the inside working so hard for such a worthy cause.

  2. It’s gotten a little hard to ignore all the news. Let’s leave the gloom to those who revel in making themselves–and anyone unfortunate enough to hear them–miserable, and keep our eyes cast on the horizon where to me, the future still looks bright.

    On a completely separate note, I do wish that the font on the posts would be one size larger. My middle-aged eyes strain a bit on a desk-top screen, and its worse on my Macbook, unless I pull out the reading glasses, to read this site. Just a thought.

      1. I’m happy to hear that. 🙂
        It’s one of the things that has been itching on the back of my mind. It’s perfect everywhere (comments, side column, etc.) but a bit too small on the posts, to my eyes.

  3. You sure make good use of the statement; Keep calm and carry on! 😉

    After reading the latest reports that there will be an “all employee”-meeting tomorrow morning @7 am it sure feel good to read you optimistic view of the situation.

  4. Not easy to known so much but not be able to write much about it. But your tone is optimistic and that matters. The roller coaster of v.2011 is upgraded from v.2010 and has become worse riding. But I still enjoying it!

  5. After I received my 9-5 Aero 2.0T last feb 8th, my friend tried my car and he just ordered his TTiD 9-5 Aero! He would like to have it before summer holidays! People is buying! Please, solve those problems and think selling! 🙂

  6. Dear Saab,

    My wife and I have been passionately following the current developments daily, via SaabsUnited and Inside Saab. As a current owner of a 9-5 SportCombi and 4 Saabs before that, we are eagerly awaiting the new 9-5 SC Aero in the fall. We recently visited the I love Saab event in Zurich where we got a peek at the new SportCombi and we loved it. We really hope things work out and that I do get the chance to test drive and own the 9-5 SC. I’ve owned all sorts of cars in my lifetime, but passionate about SAAB, you bet!

    1. It’s something I’m very keen to do, William. We have to see if such events would be feasible, but I have a few places and models in mind where it would be ideal.

      1. Hi Steven,

        It’s all about getting the early adopters and as such real life ambassadors of the brand on board. I’m willing to order, but I really need to drive before buying. The psychology of the purchase if you will. In a controlled environment, perfectly built pre-production cars, to drive for 10-15 minutes. Set this up in a few key markets/locations on weekends, first come first served, or reservation basis etc. That would boost confidence. It’s nice that the automobile press needs to see/drive the prototypes etc. But they are not the buyers of the cars.

        It would be an industry first and works nicely with the ‘Think Different’ marketing.

        Looking fwd to an invite! Cheers William

          1. And of course the Spyker motto:
            Nulla tenaci invia est via
            (For the tenacious, no road is impassable)

  7. Thanks for the moral boost. We believe in this company, because it has it all to be successful. I bought my 9-3 in 2009 and I would do it again.

  8. I hate to say it, but the tone at Saabsunited has gotten a little hysterical. It’s great to come back and read Mr. Cool. I just left the NY Auto Show. Seeing PhoeniX was great, but seeing the 9-5SC was even better. I just hope that I’ll see one at my dealer come November or December.I must say I was a little disappointed with the quality of the Saab reps there. They seemed to have no inkling of the events going on in Sweden. Give me a break, I don’t expect them to discuss inside stuff (if they even know it), but don’t make it like everything is hunky-dory and O don’t know anything. Also, I loved the silver color on the 9-5SC and he didn’t know.

    1. I think so to, but still, the SU need to continue because there is no other place for independent posting and “djup strupes” that we all like and need to comment about.

      If that stops, where will we go to see news other than the media stuff?

      1. Absolutely right. There are things we can do with Inside Saab that others can’t do, but likewise, there are things that independents can do that we can’t, or shouldn’t. It’s a good balance.

  9. OK Swade.
    This post is fine, it is good and it gives reassurance.

    If all the office staff of SAAB is continuing there efforts, then I do believe. If I had the means, I would support you all by ordering a second 9-5. But the first is only 5 month old… 🙂

    To all of you ‘inside’: Thank you for your efforts.

  10. It’s really nice to see that there are still 2 people at SAAB that when they open their mouth’s we feel that karma and take a sign of relief again.

    Thank you Swade.

    Is Victor grooming you for CEO in September by any chance? : D

  11. The launch of Inside Saab may have been tough given the financial news but it was certainly timely to remind us of the good news on the product front via the New York Auto Show and to provide an “inside perspective” on the bad news. While production may be shut down, I was just thinking that all other operations must be running, almost in a “business as usual” fashion. Thanks for confirming that and passing on the mood from inside. You have to be optimistic when you also hear there is a Plan B. You can’t have too much tenacity!

  12. Hi Swade,

    Thanks for the update. I hope that we Saab supporters are able to remain calm and carry on knowing that Saab is hard at work on addressing issues and we will all hear about it once they have had time to work with all of the involved parties.

    I am confident that there are good things ahead for Saab with the new and current models and did laugh seeing a post on SU that ended with “Patience is something the Saab community is short on, no wonder why we love turbos so much.” That may be quite true! 😉



  13. Businesses are prone to have these patches — that’s what got Saab sold off to GM in the first place. Sales must go up soon. 9-4x to the rescue!!

  14. To all at Trollhättan: I still believe that Saab has a great future and here are many like me out there! Keep up the great work, we sand right behind you.

      1. Hello,

        I would like to recommend this advert I re-edited a few days ago, as a comment to Saab’s current situation of April 2011.

        The video itself is basically the same as the original, but I have changed the music to create a new message.

        Go Saab!

  15. Well I finally bought my brand new 2010 Saab 9-5 Aero on April 9th. The very first day I owned it I realized I had a defective windshield. Since then I’ve had a whole slew of electronic issues (malfunction warnings/lights, check engine light, blown fuses, flashing odometer….). I’ve owned my car for a total of 19 days and it has been in service at the dealer for a total of 13 so far! In fact, they’ve had it since Wednesday last week. I’ve been working with Saab trying to get them to buy this car back. I still want to stay with the brand, give them another chance and would love to get into another new and defect-free 9-5. I’m new to the brand… always drove a Mercedes but have to say I really love the 9-5 (minus the fact I have a lemon). Hopefully Saab will step up and buy back this lemon. Thanks!

    1. Chassee,

      As per the comments policy for Inside Saab (please see the About page), this is not the place to publicly pursue a warranty claim or concerns about your vehicle. There is a process in place for that, which should be followed in the appropriate way.

      If you can contact me via the contact page and pass on your details, I’ll be happy to pass them on to appropriate national sales body.

      I hope your situation can be resolved swiftly.

  16. We’re with you, Swade, and committed to supporting Saab through this temporary setback. The release of the 9-4X, 9-5 SportCombi and new 9-3 will simply be all the sweeter. 🙂

    To you and everyone else in Trollhättan, keep up the good work!

  17. Swade,

    Its so good to here from someone human with emotion that we can rely on.

    Perhaps Saab is merely like a baby Giraffe? A little shaky on the new legs and has fallen down, but if they can get up, they will never fall again?

    If a solution can be found Victor and his team will find it. The media has saturated the consumer here in the States and it has circled back around to the dealership. In my position, it’s hard for them to believe the truth based on how we look. I hope Vic hits it out of the park! So much so that perhaps Saab would be able to assist a broader and deeper level of Saab associate. There are many that have never waivered with the brand.

    SU and IS is the velcro which keeps the Saab foundation strong. It is we here who will have to continue with faith that the future of Saab is bright.

    Griffin Up!
    Saab Up!

    Go Vic!




    S success
    A all ways
    A advantage
    B bright

    We are driving the best of the best 🙂 !!!!!!!