Public Day #1 at the New York Auto Show

I visited the Saab stand for a few hours today at the start of public day #1 at the New York Auto Show.

Given that it was a Friday, and the beginning of Easter, I was a little worried as to whether there would be many people there. When I arrived, around 20 minutes before the show opened at 10am, the lines inside the Javits Center were around 200 meters long. Worry no more.

I paid to go in just like everyone else and there was some palpable excitement amongst the visitors in the queue. Everyone was keen to get inside and have a look around. It was around 10:20 when I finally got to the Saab stand and despite it being some distance from the main entrance (Toyota must be paying a hefty premium for that front spot), there were already a good number of people buzzing around the place.

PhoeniX was as popular as ever…..

As was the ice feature (Wow! it’s real!)

The product specialists at the Saab stand were busy – that’s Maddie giving an overview of the Saab 9-4x, and Jonas leading a visitor through some Saab facts on his iPad….

Saab have changed the layout of the stand for the public exhibition. The 9-4x has moved to the other side of the stand an in it’s place is a Saab 9-5 Sedan (which puts the sedan and Combi in close proximity to one another.

The Saab 9-4x was constantly busy with visitors poking around, asking questions and getting a feel for the vehicle.

One lady spent around 20 minutes in the car, asking in-depth questions and generally looking around. She then came back with her husband and some friends/family and spent another 30 minutes doing it all again. Saab staffers were with her for almost all this time and she left with a brochure and a smile. I’ll be very surprised if her local dealer doesn’t hear from her quite soon.

I met Howard and Gail H at the stand and we had quite a conversation. Howard bought his first Saab in 1975. It was a Saab 99 EMS and he’s bought multiple Saabs since.

His Saab 900s saved his life three times after three seperate head-on collisions. He’s currently got a Saab 9-5 and he and Gail were looking at the Saab 9-5 SportCombi with some considerable amount of admiration. They would excuse me if I said they were ‘compact’ in size so looking at such a large vehicle might surprise you, but one of the reasons Howard has loved his Saabs is the ergonomics and how they always fit him perfectly.

Howard and Gail are waiting to hear more on the resumption of the European Delivery program as they really want to combine a visit to Trollhattan with a European driving holiday. I hope we can help them soon.

There was a little bit of celebrity spotting just across from the Saab stand, at the Spyker stand. It’s easier to get a closer look at roped off cars if you’re an NFL star with a very camera-friendly wife 🙂

I thought I’d have a little fun with some time lapse camera work. This is 30 minutes at the Saab stand on day #1, condensed into four minutes. I hope every other day is either just as busy, or even busier.

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  1. I agree w/ @saabyurk “three separate head-on collisions” — Darned good thing he drives Saabs” Yup! It’s been a while since I’ve driven in New York but I didn’t remember it being THAT dangerous- yikes! ;^)

    Nice coverage of the opening day Swade – we really enjoyed the time-lapse to get a feel for the traffic at Saab which is great to see.

    Hope you travel safely Steven and are back home – you have been on the road a while haven’t you?

    1. Thanks Dan, enjoy your visit there.

      I was just looking at these photos from my hotel room here in Trollhattan and it felt very strange because, in basic terms, I still haven’t really slept since I was there in New York taking these shots. I’m now looking at them online and from another continent in the same period of awakedness. Weird.

  2. What a nice parting story! The time lapse video was quite entertaining. You could watch it several times with a different focus. The video wall (left side of frame) is a show you can watch at that speed! Then there is the “Where’s Maddie Now” game. She looks busier than on press days. Everyone enjoy the show!

  3. Can’t see the Porsche display because of the SAAB’s outstanding presence !!!


  4. Great Video Steven:)

    OK did anyone notice the couple in the orange & red gear bow to the great phoeniX twice?

    How about the couple that kissed (hey honey, I promise I will get you that new Saab! smooch!!)