Poll follow-up: New classic Saabs

Last week I posted a poll on to this site, asking you which classic Saab you’d like to buy today if you could flick a switch and have Saab produce it new from the factory.

800+ votes later, the result is clearly ambiguous. That’s mostly my fault, because I included two versions of what is essentially the same car in the poll – the first of the Saab 900 16v cars (with the flat nose) and the later Saab 900 SPG.

Here are the raw results of the poll….


As you can see, the raw results indicate first place for to the classic Saab 99 Turbo.

If you look at second and third place however, the Saab 900 T16S and SPG both had strong support and I that compels me to name the Saab 900 classic versions as the poll winner.

As much as I like the 99T and would love to flick the switch on that one myself, the results are difficult to ignore (even if it’s quite debatable as to whether it should be a slant-nose or flat-nose model that should be revisited according to the popular vote).

So, 900-lovers, if we ever find that magic switch, you can rest assured that I’ll be providing these poll results as evidence as to what we should do with it.

As my old mate ‘Eggs’ is fond of saying – Vive la 900!


And for what it’s worth, my vote went to the 99T and my preference out of the two winners would be for the flat-nosed, early 900 T16S.

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  1. Hi Swade,

    I don’t know how many people have driven a 99 Turbo, 900 Turbo, Viggen, 9000 Aero, 9-5’s, etc. as I have but I previously mentioned when I voted that it was a tough choice, and I voted for the 99 Turbo but listed my second choices including c900.

    If we are going on looks alone I would change my vote from 99T to 900 SPG.

    If it is ok to fantasize publicly here with a wish list for Saab, I’d like the looks of a classic (later, slant nosed) 900 Turbo 3 or 5 door / hatch, but with the power of a Viggen and the handling of the 99 Turbo.

    It may be my imagination but when pushed to the limits of handling, the 99 Turbo feels like the most perfectly balanced Saab with nearly 50 / 50 weight distribution front to rear.

    While the 99 Turbo lacks the same kick in the pants power of understandably more powerful, later generation turbos in the c900 and later vintages, the handling keeps the 99 Turbo as ONE of our absolute favorites.

    Some folks have built their own; a 99 T with 900 T power, but it would be nice to see such an offering from Saab directly in this fantasy of mine.

    P.S. I would also like am option for headlamp wipers in this fantasy car 🙂

    Thanks for the poll and results!


    1.  I have yet to drive a 99 Turbo, but I’m dying to. Any chance I might be able to at the SOC you think Steve?

      For the moment I’m sticking with my choice of a Sonnet III, a car I still plan on buying when the time is right (maybe a IV, but probably stick to a III).

  2. Hey! Just realized that you left the poor Saab 90 out of that poll. You should correct this and run a re-vote.