Poll follow-up: What’s your favourite color Saab 9-3x?

Our Saab 9-3x poll is over and done, with over 1,100 votes received – thankyou!!

The poll numbers turned out as follows:

  • Arctic White – 281 votes
  • Oak Brown Metallic – 196 votes
  • Laser Red – 179 votes
  • Jet Black Metallic – 169 votes
  • Carbon Grey Metallic – 119 votes
  • Glacier Silver Metallic – 102 votes
  • Diamond Silver Metallic – 60 votes

One of the reasons that I wanted to conduct the poll was to see how people’s preferences in the poll would match up with actual sales numbers on the ground.

I had a theory that the large number of Arctic White sales, for example, were because Saab themselves promoted Arctic White quite a bit at the vehicle’s launch and many of the test cars would have been produced in that color. That theory turned out to be wrong, however, as you can see from the poll. Arctic White is popular in sales terms simply because it’s popular in general terms.

But there are some interesting outcomes from the poll. It predicts good things, for example, for Oak Brown Metallic, which has previously only been available on the Saab 9-5. A lot of people seem to like its application to the more down-to-earth Saab 9-3x and it’ll be interesting to see how it goes (it’s only just been released as part of the new Griffin range)

In comments to the original post, many people asked what happened to the blue color options. Well, they fell victim to poor sales. When the Saab 9-3x was first launched, it actually had a very wide color palette, which included Titan Grey, Snow Silver, Pepper Green and Nocturne Blue. All four of those were dropped for MY2011, some of which would have been down to lower sales, and some to restricted paint options being available in a post-GM world. A new color will be added for MY2012, but you’ll have to wait a little to hear what that one is.

The only other mystery remaining now is what color(s) will be dropped from the current range? I can’t tell you that either, but I can tell you what were the three poorest selling colors in 2011 and it’s interesting to see the correlation (or lack thereof) between the sales and the poll.

Our lowest three polling colors were Diamond Silver, Glacier Silver and Carbon Grey. The lowest three selling colors (in no particular order) for MY2011 were Diamond Silver, Glacier Silver, and …… Laser Red!

Yes, the third most popular color in our poll was actually amongst the bottom three sellers for 2011.

Because it’s sales volumes that dictate what colors will be kept or dropped, all three of those colors are in danger of being lost to the Saab 9-3x range in 2012. In fact, one of them has already been pegged for 9-3x scrapheap, but I can’t tell you which one.

All I can do is suggest that if your favourite color is in danger being consigned to the Saab 9-3x history books, you best go out and order one while you still can 🙂

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  1. There are many reasons for choosing a colour, one is your personal preference, but it is only one and not the only one.

    In my wife’s case, she simply asked the sales guy what are the best colours if you want to sell your car? Answer: black.

    I would love to see more colours in the Saab palette, but many people tend to buy “safe” colours.

    1. Everyone wants to be a gangster nowadays. Funny how the safest color for resale is also the hardest to maintain.

      I’m proud to say that whilst I’m guilty of having owned several white cars, I’ve only had one silver one, as well as several reds, blues, greens and yellow!

      There could be another white one in my near future, though, but it’s very nice.

      1. 9-3X looks amazing in red but I dont wanna own one….so…just becuase it’s a good looking colour doesnt mean people will buy it I’m afraid.

        1. Again the same with yellow 😉

          many people like the color, few buy it …

  2. Maybe the same happened to lynx yellow option for the convertible.

    Too low sales figures… for example 20 yellow Saabs sold in Germany in 2008 (mine included).

    Or is it due to the fact that every Saab convertible was available in yellow for a limited time only?

  3. The 9-3X is a rather particular Saab due to the plastic cladding, which doesn’t go well with some colours. To me, the Oak Brown is one of them – I believe the car looks better in defined shades, hence the popularity of white and black. We also know the car looks great in red, but not quite so in silver or gray.

    I do certainly hope Red is not the one to go. I know Gray is safe, mostly because, for whatever reason, dealers and customers continue to order Gray Saabs. Every car looks rather dull in gray, and Saabs in particular aren’t flattered by it.

    I do believe it is in Saab’s best interest to sell colourful cars, simply because they grab attention, and free attention is what Saab needs now. Not to mention Saabs simply look better in shades of blue, in red and in other bright colours that complement their styling.

    For dealers who need to put customer first, and the customer often wants a colour that’s practical (driving yet another black Saab I do know the perils of choosing a nice but “impractical” one), but there are much more interesting colours in Saab’s palette than Gray. For example Glacier Silver, I can say from experience, tends to look really good even if the car gets quite dirty. Not to mention the colour is rather unique and suits Saabs very well.

    1. I picked Glacier Silver in the poll and I agree with Jeremi’s closing remarks. I like my Saabs to look clean when dirty and lighter colors are easier on the finish in the summer sun. I’ve had a few of the blues – an Azure Blue Classic 900 and Fusion Blue 9-3. My NG900S was silver-green, close to the Pepper Green. Black and Silver round out the larger platform Saabs.

    2. Jeremi,

      I think you are right. Red is an important color that should remain in the range. However, I think Laser red is not a color that really suits the 9-3X. Personally, I’ve always been a fan of what is called Falun Red (Falun Red is the color of Swedish houses painted with the pigments of copper oar from the mines of Falun) in Sweden – a color that was typical for SAAB in the 1980ies and was called “Cherry Red” in other markets.

  4. That is too bad about Nocturne Blue. I always thought that looked very good with the 9-3X cladding trim. Sometimes, though, I wonder if color preferences become somewhat self-fulfilling prophecies. If I were in the market to buy a new Saab now and I go to my dealer and they only have a few 9-3X models (in white, black, and one of the silver or grey colors), then even if I liked red or blue, or oak metallic, would I be willing to wait for that color or buy one off the lot, especially if the dealer is willing to work a good deal? If I buy one off the lot, then that reinforces the idea that white, black, and silver/grey are the colors that sell best.

  5. Sad to see red is so low ranking. Personally, red is my favorite color and without bias one of the BEST colors a Saab can wear. However I would never ever own a red car. Maybe it’s because I am a heavy-footed driver (thanks to the sexy sound of a winding turbo) or perhaps its because Police are more likely to pull you over for being such, in a bright red car. As attractive as it is, I cannot see purchasing a car in my favorite color to be practical. I currently own a “dolphin grey?” 2003 and love the look of it’s luster.

  6. Oh no! I should have voted! My vote would have gone to Glacier Silver. I’ve always liked silver cars – our 2000 Viggen was silver – so I’m disappointed to see both silvers so low in the poll, not to mention in the sales figures.

    As you and other commenters have mentioned, though, a favorite does not necessarily translate into what actually gets purchased. Perhaps the poll question should have been not which is your favorite, but something like: If these were the choices offered, which one would you buy?