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You’re currently at Inside Saab – the inside perspective on what’s going on from day to day here at Saab HQ in Trollhattan. I’m very humbled that you’ve taken the time to visit and I hope you enjoy your stay, tell all your friends and come back again.

But did you know that there are other official Saab channels out there and we’ve got various ways for you to keep in touch?

….because we’re a car company after all. features the reason we’re in business, our outstanding cars. You can customise your own vehicles, spin them around for a 360-degree view and check out what else is happening around the company.

Saab Newsroom RSS feed

All of our corporate news in one place. If you want the official releases and none of the human interest stuff, the Saab Newsroom is the place to go. If you use an RSS reader, simply load the Newsroom RSS feed into your reader, hit ‘subscribe’ and you’ll have access to full posts that you can read when it suits you.

Saab Newsroom on Twitter

The Newsroom’s twitter feed is a way to keep up to date on all Newsroom postings if Twitter’s your thing.

Inside Saab RSS feed

Again, if you use an RSS reader (and it doesn’t have auto-discovery), simply load the Inside Saab RSS feed into your reader, hit ‘subscribe’ and you’ll have access to full posts that you can read when it suits you.

Inside Saab on Twitter

I tweet throughout the day, sometimes a lot and sometimes not. You can use the Inside Saab twitter feed to stay informed about when new posts are made on the Inside Saab website. I also post links to recommended reading elsewhere and the odd occasional tidbit about what’s going on inside Saab in real time.

Saab on Facebook

Saab’s Facebook page has nearly 90,000 fans and there is always something going on there. You can send us images of your car, participate in competitions and get local and global Saab news posted to your wall, receiving it whenever you log in. There are also links to events, galleries, downloadable wallpapers and much, much more.

Saab on Youtube

The Saab Cars Official Youtube page has a large selection of video content for you to enjoy. We use this content here on Inside Saab as well as on Facebook, but you can also browse the channel yourself and enjoy a rich media insight into our vehicles and our company. We have separate playlists on Youtube, too, so you can pick the subject that interests you most and head there first.


We’re constantly developing our online presence and you can expect to see more ways to interact with Saab soon.

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