Congratulations to The Wynns for 'wynning' Best of the Road

I’d like to pass on some Inside Saab congratulations to “Gone with the Wynns” for winning the Best of the Road event that we’ve been covering over the last three weeks.

The Best of the Road was a trip across the USA. Five teams participated, driving their Saabs and looking for the best food, the most patriotic town, the most beautiful town, the friendliest town and the most fun town in America. The Wynns were covering the friendliest town and they did it with style, great videos, great photography and a wonderful sense of humour.

Here’s a little video they posted just prior to the announcement…..

Thank you towns! from Gone With the Wynns on Vimeo.

All five teams had the trip of a lifetime, but only one could take the prize. The Wynns were judged to have provided the best content and gathered the biggest following and for that, they won $10,000 cash as well as a Saab 9-4x.

Congratulations, Wynns!

And well done to the other four teams. Thanks for entertaining us and showing us the United States through your eyes. It’s been a blast.

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  1. I guess I had not read enough about all the contestants at first, but while watching the video at the Best of the Road web site where the winners were announced (and the teams re-introduced), I suddenly realized that the McNavigators live in the same town I do!

    Well, congratulations to the Wynn’s and to all the teams, it sounds like you had wonderful road trips and fun experiences….all in great Saabs!