IntSaab 2011 video – making some winter tyres at Nokian

Part of today’s program saw us stop in at a warehouse for Nokian Tyres. The Finnish company has around 5,000,000 or so tyres come through this warehouse every year. It can hold up to 900,000 tyres at any one time.

As well as storage for the summer and winter range of tyres, Nokian also has their studding machines at the warehouse.

Here’s how your Nokian winter tyres go from non-studded to studded, in around 60 seconds.


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  1. I have often thought that there could be some synergies between Saab and either Nokian or Gislaved.  Gislaved seems to have lagged a bit as they are now owned by Continental (Germany).  I have Nokian eNTYRE’s as summer tires on my 9-3 and of course their snow tires are absolutely top shelf in every way.  Low rolling resistance and manufactured to very high environmental and technical standards (check out their site!) in a country that nows how to handle serious weather.  Sounds like a certain car manufacturer we all know and love!