Yeah, Sam’s a believer, too…..

Yesterday, I published an editorial where I spoke about my belief in, and passion for this industry and in particular, for Saab.

The following morning, I got this in the mail. Sam had written to me a few days before, seeking some purchase advice. He lives in the US and the 900 he was looking at will be his first car. I’m sure those of you who, like me, now have a few miles under your belts, can remember a time when you would have written something like this…..


I haven’t seen it yet due to the fact that I’m in Florida but my Dad is still in Massachusetts.

He went and saw it tonight. At precisely 9:25 on Wednesday, August 3rd my Dad struck a deal with the seller. 2500 dollars. The previous owner was a SAAB mechanic, so it’s in great condition.

I can’t wait to get behind the wheel of my very own SAAB. Where I come from, most kids get cars from their parents. My parents don’t spoil me so after years of saving up it feels great to be able to get my OWN car.

I can’t believe that my first car is one of the cars I dreamed of as a 10 year old. I am a complete car nut and I have an especially soft spot for SAAB’s. I’m still getting over it. It’s going to be a long wait because I don’t get back to MA until the 21st.

Best day of my life, BY FAR.


I hope you enjoy your 900 as much as I intend on enjoying mine.

Sincerely Sam

P.S I just bought a SAAB, holy ****!

Welcome to the family, Sam. It’s a bit like Hotel California, if you know what I mean…..

Sincerely, congratulations on your purchase and thankyou for reminding us all of the excitement that we’ve all felt at different times.

The journey that I wrote about yesterday – the journey that I’ve had with Saab that I appreciate so much – started just like Sam’s journey. It’s taken me to some great places and brought me some incredible experiences.

I hope it does the same for you, mate.

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  1. I know exactly how you feel Sam! It’s so wonderful! I’m 20 and though it’s my fifth Saab that I just bought a month ago (to the day), this is the first one with my name on the title. It’s so wonderful!!!

  2. My son Sam is a total car nut, and I’m very psyched he chose a classic 1987 Saab 900 turbo as a first car over other cars he was looking as – such as an old Mercedes 300 Diesel. I’ve owned several Saabs and now drive a 9-3 6-speed manual turbo. I test drove this ’87 3-speed automatice 16 valve turbo and was surprised at the acceleration it possesed, especially compared to ’85 8-valve non-turbo 900 I used to drive. It will be a really fun car for Sam to drive, and is safe as a tank even without modern additions like air bags and anti-lock brakes. And it had NO rust, which is a rare site for any Saab 900 you see driving here in New England.
    Stu Vaeth

  3. “I’m still getting over it.”

    Heh, heh.  This is just the start, Sam.  You will never get over Saab cars, especially once you have owned your first one.  But then, why would you want to get over it?  Enjoy your new car!

  4. What a start to a car driver’s car-eer 😉
    I can’t remember my dream car at the age of 10 but I am quite sure I did NOT own it upto now…
    But now I own my second Saab vert, which is quite a nice chioce anyway :-))

    1. Ha!  When I was 10 I guess I thought I would never have a nice expensive car, so the car I really wanted at that time was an AMC Gremlin!  I have no idea now why I thought that was so cool back then.  I guess there were not many Saabs where I lived so I could not dream of owning a Saab.  Fortunately my taste has improved.

  5. Hotel California?….As in “You can check out any time you like, but you can NEVER leave”?

  6. Welcome to the club, Sam.  I hope that you enjoy your Saab as much as I enjoyed my first one – a 1984 900 Turbo.  I still miss that car and I should not have sold it.  Despite owning seven other Saabs, my first 900 is still my favorite.

  7. Sam – welcome to the family! I bought my first Saab in ’85, a used 99GL and we loved it so much that we are now 12 Saabs later and took delivery of a 9-3X a couple of months ago. Its sheer joy and I still feel the thrill, great cars. our boys have been nicely primed in the same direction as you – I am so pleased on your behalf.
    J Ohrstrom