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Greetings all. Sorry for the lack of posting in the last few days but I had one or two things outside of Inside Saab that needed finishing in quick time. Back on deck now.

The hardest working man I’ve ever seen in my 40 or so years on this earth. Unbelievable.

…… from yesterday.


Your must read for this week is an article that’s actually a few weeks old.

John Simister is a writer with Octane, a classic and performance car magazine, and he owns a two-stroke Saab 96.

He recently had the good fortune of visiting with Mr Saab, Erik Carlsson, and took his 96 along for the trip. What ensued was the sort of thing that automotive enthusiast’s dreams are made of.

He got to see his own classic car in the hands of the master, and then got to drive the master’s Saab 96 for himself.

It really is fantastic reading for any Saab fan.


Yes you do. Nice 9-5, that one.


Car Design Community is an online hangout for people interested in the topic. They seem to have a regular competition called SketchFighters where they ask community members to provide designs using various criteria.

One tricky condition of the competition is that members only have one hour to design and then post their designs on the website.

Earlier this week they tackled Saab and it’s always fun to see what others come up with in terms of future Saab designs.

Here are a couple of my favourites, but there are plenty more at SketchFighters.


Ever driven across the United States?

Phil L recently picked up a MY2000 Saab 9-5 in New Jersey and decided to bring the car home to Seattle…. with a camera.

What he’s put together from that trip is a 3,000+ mile timelapse – one photo every 10 seconds – that will take you from Boston, though New York, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin (wet!), Iowa (home of next year’s Saab Owners Convention), Minnesota (is that dead bug on the windscreen giving him the finger?), South Dakota, Wyoming (Cowboy Up!) and Montana before he crosses into Washington and gets home to Seattle.

It’s 24 minutes, so you’ll need some time, but it’s very watchable. It’s interesting to see the changes in landscape, the clouds and even the vehicles on the roads. Great drums on the soundtrack, too. Enjoy.

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    1. At the 1999 convention in Colorado, I got to drive on the 6-day “Nines Run The Rockies” tour that led up to the start of the show; Erik was on that trip, and was a fantastic choice to follow in the then-new 9-5 wagon. It was all I could do to keep up!

  1. without vm saab was closed down since months.
    too bad, that so many people doesn´t recognize this hard working man.
    it´s very easy sitting in the office and speaking about things, that they will never live to see.
    therefore i´m sure, that vm will keep saab alive and will lead saab into a bright future!

    1. Exactly! Of course it hard for those who have to wait for their salary (I know what I am talking about, I’ve been there myself). But if there is one person on this world who can Save Saab it is Victor Muller. If he can’t do the job, nobody can.

  2. The video amazes me ! It’s a long way until Seattle . Very well done ! And beautiful skys

  3. Many thanks for the link to the Octane article. Extremely enjoyable. I can’t imagine how tough it was to stay awake for 100 hours, driving 94 of those. No wonder competitors started hallucinating!

  4. The car that Phil L bought in New Jersey was my former daily driver – a black ’00 9-5 Aero 5-speed with about 146,000 miles.  It was nice to keep the car in the Saab enthusiast family.  

  5. I love you for posting this. I may do it at SaabsUnited too, if only because he stops for wings in Buffalo (yay!) and you can see my brother-in-law’s house. I do that drive so often, I wish I could fast-forward like he did. What’s fun to do is see if you can pause it when he passes another Saab 🙂

    Cool video Phil. I think I overlooked this when you emailed us about it, my bad. It’ll go up on SU this weekend 🙂

    1. yes, but will it be enough? i hear rumours about a plea for bankruptcy. any news on that, Swade?