Saab 9-4x owners review

As you can tell, there’s not a much to share in terms of the business side of things at this precise moment.

That gives us a perfect opportunity to have a look at something that matters….. cars!

If you’re looking for a 5-minute stress reliever with a wonderful Saaby flavour then you need to get on over to Saabworld and take a look at Wulf’s review of his new Saab 9-4x. This is a must-read for a few reasons.

First, I’ve known Wulf (in the online sort of way) for a few years now and I know him to be a very reasonable and fair guy. He’s not the sort to unduly praise or criticise anything, preferring some well measured and thought-out commentary over anything that could be taken as sensationalism. His is an opinion that you know will have been well thought out, and the fact that this is his own vehicle won’t taint that.

Second, he’s bought the 3.0 Saab 9-4x Premium FWD. Most of the reviews you’ve read thus far would be about the 2.8T Aero XWD model. This is a great opportunity to get an insight into what it’s like to not just drive the 3.0 model, but also to own it.

I drove the 3.0 model earlier this year, just on a short test around Trollhattan, and I was much more impressed than I thought I’d be. The power feels less than you’re used to from a Saab, but it’s adequate and the noise was fantastic.

Head on over to Saabworld and check out Wulf’s Saab 9-4x review (which is still in to-be-continued mode).

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  1. Thanks Steven.  There is a lot to talk about so that’s why it’s going to take multiple parts for this review.

    You mentioned the noise of the 3.0i engine is fantastic.  However..  noise is an “unwanted sound” so I think you meant “sound” instead of “noise”?  😉

    I made a short video of 0-60 mph so others can listen: