Saab Dealer Tour España – Barcelona and Gerona

The first two stops on the Saab Dealer Tour of Spain were in Gerona and Barcelona.

We’ve got a gallery of images from those stops below. Click.

Spirits are high amongst the attendees and Irene from Saab España even passed along a little story from the Barcelona stop:

I was talking to some customers (a family) in Barcelona and they told me that they don’t have a car at all right now. They ordered a new Saab 9-5 three months ago, and are still waiting. Their old car (an old 9-3) “died”, so they were looking for an alternative but weren’t able to find one that was suitable. So they have decided to use public transport and wait for the new 9-5 to come. Their words were “it is a sacrifice we do now, and we are sure that it will be worth it in the future”

Isn’t that awesome?

We have the best owners and fans in the world.

These tours are getting a lot of attention, especially in Barcelona. From that one tour stop alone, they had 5 orders for the new Saabs on display. The media also took a big interest in the tour: 7 radio interviews, BTV Television, the #1 newspaper in Catalonia (La Vanguardia), the most important motoring magazine in Catalonia (Cotxes), the #1 motoring website in Spain (, the top 10 renting & leasing companies in Barcelona – all took a look at the vehicles during the Barcelona tour stop.

Tour dates and venues for the Spanish Dealer Tour can be found here. Make sure you get along if the tour passes through your area.

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  1. Beautiful Barcelona. I miss it. During our vacation there last month, I attempted to find a car rental agency that had Saabs available for our drive to Valencia, but to no avail.  Here’s hoping a little more exposure like this will bring Saabs into the fleets of more rental agencies – once Saab returns to actually building cars. 🙂