Saab Dealer Tour of France is underway

Following successful dealer tours of Germany and Austria, the Saab dealer tour in France got underway on the weekend.

And just how much are people anticipating these dealer visits?

From Saab France:

Eight o’clock sharp, two customers arrive at Saab Rive gauche, the Parisian dealer. They didn’t want to wait till Saturday when the Tour will stop by their own dealer, so they went to a southern Paris located dealer (roughly 30 km south) to see the 9-4x.

A test drive, happy customers. Now the next step … an order.

It’s fantastic to see people enjoying these tours. I can understand that this would be a great opportunity for both dealers and customers. It’s been way too long for all of us, so seeing such a great start to the French tour is a wonderful thing.

Saablog-in also has some preliminary photos of the cars arriving from the French tour. Saablog-in is running a photo competition they’re running in conjunction with Saab Actu, so if you’re attending the tour, don’t forget to send your photos in.

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