Update from the Saab dealer tour of Austria

Things have been moving along with the Saab dealer tour in Austria and it looks like they’re having a great time, showing off the Saab 9-5 SportCombi and Saab 9-4x to both dealer staff and potential customers.

Despite the current uncertainty, it feels great to see stuff like this happening, and the positive response it’s been receiving.

The crew in Austria sent through the following updates:


November 7

In Carinthia, in the south of Austria, a lot of interested people and Saab fans came to see the cars.
The Eisner group in Carinthia put in a lot of effort to offer a good insight in the new range for everybody. Although the questions about Saab are many, the spirit of the event is the same everywhere. Each stop offers individual conversations and contacts.

A highlight for us was the first visitor who didn’t come from Austria or Germany. A guy from Holland who has a second residence in Austria came with his 900 convertible (with the top open!) and had a look at the new models. We had very positive conversations again.

Even a bit of rain could not change the atmosphere the next day and the tour could go on.

At the Winter dealer showroom in Graz, Styria, we were expected and welcomed. After a little snack for us we were able to present the 9-4X and the 9-5.

The highlight at this dealership was that one customer spontaneously signed a contract for the purchase of a new 9-5 SportCombi!

Mr. Heinz Kuss from the dealership Winter and Mr. Stefan Mladek complimented the customer on the first purchase.

Just before the day ended a Saab fan from Slovenia arrived. He drove a long distance to see the new range. Although he didn’t get to spend a long time with the new Saabs, he agreed that the drive was worthwhile.

November 8

After the news from yesterday evening, the interest from the visitors on the Austria dealer Tour was bigger than ever. In the morning at the dealer Auto Stahl we received some concrete requests from customers.

The event was topped after midday at the biggest Saab dealer in Austria, Saab Wien Oberlaa. Its the only dealer in Austria that sells only Saab vehicles.

Nearly 150 people came to see both cars. A lot of price lists and product information was distributed and visitors took them home with pleasure. Some people decided to take a Saab and will follow the coming decisions between Sweden and China very closely.

This day was also a big day for the employees of Saab Oberlaa. They were able to talk about the new cars with customers in a comfortable and positive atmosphere.

We appreciated being able to meet a very special guest: Mr. Linz from China! He has driven Saabs for a long time and at he was in Vienna for private matters when we met him. He was very interested to see the new models and he had some special parting words to share: ”In China Saab has always been a special brand, we are proud to assume an alliance with this Swedish company!”


Remaining dates and venues for the Austrian tour…… click to enlarge.

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  1. I attended the presentation in Innsbruck today and although I couldn’t spend more than 15 or 20 minutes there it was really worth calling in. The new cars are a blast and it’s always a great experience just to sit in a SAAB – seats and ergonomics are terrific in both cars. As for quality, I think the 9-5 SC is a little more refined and left a slightly better impression, although I really enjoyed the mere space and the fabulous moonroof in the 9-4X, too. I didn’t have time for test drive – and I also think there was no opportunity, but I had a few minutes’ chat with a very well informed and inspired team member. 

    Thanks to SAAB Austria for keeping our spirits up!