History in the shadows of a Saab today….

A photo taken at Saab yesterday…..

For those who are not so familiar with Saab’s history, the shadow of the Saab 9-3 Sport Sedan looks very much like the silhouette of Saab’s older, teardrop-shape vehicles dating right back to the first Saab 92 and through to the Saab 96.

A wonderful photo capturing yesterday inside today.

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  1. Amazing photo, makes me hope of a bright future for our beloved brand! What I like most about it is that even the small signature rear window that the older models have is visible in the shadow 🙂

    Griffin Up!

  2. Great picture! Just hope it’s not a sign that the sun is setting on Saab.

    C’mon all you guys around the table. Let Saab rise from the ashes again!

    Griffin Up! Cuore Sportivo!

  3. Whe have a saying in Germany:

    Nur noch ein Schatten seiner selbst – To be a shadow of one’s former self

    I hope this will not get true for Saab