Saab wheels: 1998-today

The wheels maketh the car.

I’ve been writing that line for years and it’s as true today as it was years ago. If you’ve got a plain looking car, you’ll be amazed at how much better it could look with the right wheels.

Saab have provided a lot of different wheels on their options list over the years. I used to have an entry online with all of them showing, but I got an email from a European Saab fan earlier this week, stating that they couldn’t find it. I had a look around and I couldn’t find it either, so I figured it might be good to do it over again.

This collection only shows wheels from the original Saab 9-5 and 9-3 onwards (i.e around 1998 until now). I’ve tried to make sure the collection is complete, but I know there will be some missing.

If you want to see wheels from earlier Saabs, I’d recommend you check out’s page on Saab wheels. There’s also my photos of Saab Wheels at Intsaab, from earlier this year (pictorial only, no info).


The following images are taken from the Saab Global Accessories page.

The image title contains the Saab part number for the wheel, where it is known to me. I don’t have the dealer codes that were used for the wheels (ALU #).

The common model (9-3 or 9-5) for which the wheel was used is shown in the photo.

Click images to enlarge.


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    1. Vikings available on the Peacetek site, linked in the article.  The Viking was a NG900 wheel, so not part of this post.  I only covered wheels I had access to images of, from Saab online sources.

        1. Interesting.  As far as I know they were NG900 fit and they weren’t listed as accessories for 9-3 coupe or 5door.  Could have been some fitted on early 9-3’s perhaps.  Parts crossover in past model/generation changes is not completely unheard of.

          1.  Yeah- its an MY00 9-3S 3 door (my car now but noth with those wheels unfortunatly). On the parts crossover..its got an Aero-spec front antiroll bar (24mm not 19mm) so its def. happened :).

      1. Vikings were definitely factory-fitted at least until 2001, although they were slightly different from the ones on the peacetek site. 9-3 Vikings had a smaller cap that doesn’t cover the wheel bolts.

  1. Interesting article. Two styles I do not see here are the 17″ ‘Griffin Claw’ I remember seeing on a MY97-00 9-5 Griffin, and the 17″ three spoke of the 9-5 Aero of the same era (as pictured here My 9-5S was delivered with the 15″ three spoke wheels (3rd from bottom in left column pictured in main post), and later changed to 17″ Aero wheels I speak of. Not the end of the 15″ wheels. My cousin has a ’94 NG900 and they’ve been added to this car, removing the plastic items, albeit with a smaller size of tyre. Major difference, concurring with the “right wheels” thoughts.

    1. Yes – you are right – no hammerhead  of original 9-5 Aero and no ‘nails’ which was the 2002-2004 9-5 Vector wheel featured.  Another notable ommission is the (in the UK at least) Aero Turbo Edition/2.3T Turbo Edition of 2008-2010 – 5-spokers – absolutely beautiful design

  2. Truer words are not ‘spoke’n. (Ha!)  As much as I hate to admit it, the turbine 9-5 wheels are growing on me.  I still prefer the ‘swept’ 5-spoke (13241704 17″) or the wide 7-spoke (13241506 17″).  Not a fan of the thin 5-spoke with the blacked out rim section.  Great post.

  3. So many good designs. Even the ones I personally don’t like, I admire the unique style. There are no losers here. Definitely a lot of favorites, too. Eager to see what’s next!

  4. What a great post! I really like that Saab dares to do some quite bold and different designs to blend with the more mainstream designs.

  5. My BBS RK2’s weren’t there. I’ve only ever seen one other 9-5 with the same wheels as mine though. I’m thinking they must be rather rare.