Waiting (again, still)

People are still working. People are still getting incredibly frustrated. I’m one of them.

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts here, there seem to be so many big personalities involved in this affair and the focus is well and truly on them and the various perspectives they embody. All of these players have an angle, have something they’re trying to protect and a good dose of spin they’re using to put it out there in the public domain. Some of it is genuine. In my humble (and very personal) opinion, some of it is camouflage.

For the rest of us …… Scrape away all the big-business and industrial politics and you’ve got the people, the entity, that I’m concerned about: Saab Automobile. It’s a company that’s full of people who already have, and who under the right circumstances can continue to make a wonderful contribution to the automotive landscape.

I only started at Saab back in April of this year but I’ve met so many people who are working on great projects at Saab. Projects that will make a real difference to the cars people might be able to drive in the future. The vast majority of these people have remained committed to Saab, even in the most dire circumstances.

From the people I know at Saab, they want to be there not because it’s a job, but because they love working for a place that’s innovative and challenging. They love the company’s identity, the opportunities that such a small yet diverse company offers – being involved in the whole vehicle design process from start to finish on one small campus. It’s an environment that few other car companies on earth can offer.

Make no mistake – this company is viable. All of the required elements are there.

What it will take is some investment and some goodwill on the part of the people in the decision-making seats. I wish I could rely on a quote that I learned from a prominent former football coach here in Australia – the ox is slow but the earth is patient.

Unfortunately, I can’t. The clock is ticking.


And whilst we all wait for those people, here’s 7 minutes of Arnold Schwarzenegger fighting and screaming, which is pretty much how many of us feel right now.

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  1. In a state of weakness, I looked at some other cars that offer what I’m looking for to eventually replace my 9-5 wagon/estate. Honestly, for everything I want in a car that I can find in my Saab the only car that matched up was the Porsche Panamera. Perhaps more performance than I’m looking for, not as beautiful and much too high a price tag.

    Please, I’m on my knees, don’t let Saab die!

  2. Here’s something to distract you:  The Alfa Romeo Giulietta is coming to the US as the Dodge Dart.  Wearing some new sheet metal, but it’s a freakin’ Alfa!  I could get used to this whole Fiat/Chrysler thing.

    1. Sure, nice design, but don’t forget it is engineered for mass production by Italians. 

  3. I saw the blurb about the new Fiat Dart too—-and it’s exciting.  Frankly, if I can’t buy a new Saab, that car holds some appeal for me.  But I don’t think I’m ready to throw in the towel just yet.  I’m still holding out hope that Saab can somehow manage to live on.  Speaking of which—-the Saab enthusiasts I know are like a volcano ready to erupt if the company is forced to close and the nameplate becomes history—because of GM.  Yes, there have been many negative statements written about GM, including some caustic remarks on their Facebook pages.  The fact of the matter is that remarkable restraint has been shown so far, in the hopes that GM will finally sign off on a deal that allows Saab to continue.  If in fact, they hold their ground and force Saab to be no more, there’s going to be a monumental internet explosion against them.

    1. GM thoughts aside, the Alfa-in-Dodge-clothing thing has me thinking about why that tie-up works, and I’ve come to the conclusion that there was symmetry in the relationship — Chrysler and Fiat are both large organizations and both had strengths.  That symmetry was lacking in the Saab/GM relationship at least from a manufacturing volume and breadth of product perspective.  Perhaps Saab needs to join with a company of like size to gain the right level of control and input?  A thought worth pondering.

      1. Honestly, Suzuki and Mazda come to mind.  Suzuki is appealing to me—-for the same reason Saab is:  They seem to do their own thing without the need for mass appeal—-in other words, I think Suzuki designs their cars for a narrow market, unlike larger companies like Honda and Toyota, that want to be all things to all people.  Sometimes Suzuki hits and sometimes they miss, but I like their nerve.  As for Mazda—-the emphasis is on the driver and again, some of their designs are polarizing and I find something very positive in that.   

  4. Steve..you are dedicated SAAB’er as I have seen numerous blogs posted by you on SAABSUNITED site so Kudos…what seems to have kept sales down was the generic-ok dull and limited advertising US side. I did buy a new SAAB 9-5 back in February, and spotted one 30 seconds history of SAAB our most innovative SAAB yet….snore ZZZZ. At around $40,000. the ads need to zing with excitement – if SAAB gets is debts paid..and starts building cars use the Super Bowl with knock out ad..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QU2kPDeucTg&feature=related

  5. Hé oui,la mondialisation dont on nous vend les bienfaits jours après jours! on mangera tous pareil (c’est déjà en partie le cas et bien sur surtout pas de la qualité….) et maintenant on va tous rouler pareil! de la bagnole roumaine et de l’allemande;pour l’originalité on repassera! vs aurez tous la même bagnole allemande que votre voisin et bien sur elle sera hors de prix! ça c’est de l’avenir! et encore merci à GM de nous priver de cette bouffée d’oxygène qu’est SAAB dans le paysage automobile! on en attendait pas tant de la part de financiers qui vendent des bagnoles insipides et sans saveurs,tout le monde vous remercie! avec une pensée pour toutes les personnes qui se sont investies dans cette marque magnifique! messieurs de chez GM comptez sur nous pour vous faire une sacrée pub! longue vie à ma 9-3! longue vie à SAAB!  P.A.

  6. All Saab’s fans and Saab in THO continue to Be confident!!! I remember 2 years ago during X’Mas time GM announced the cut of Saab. Saab is still alive!! I m sure that the light will shine again for our favourite brand!!

  7. Form France :
    Longue vie à SAAB, le combat n’est pas perdu. Courage !! et bonne chance. GM, LUI, sera bientot mort.
    Long life to SAAB, the fight is not lost. Courage!! And good luck!! GM, HIM, will soon have died.

  8. Courrage tout n’est pas perdu!!! On espere tous… Alors pourvu que GM Laisse à SAAB un peut de liberté pour exister alors nous aurons l’occasion de decouvrir d’autre SAAB qui nous font tant rever… On aime et roule en SAAB, Joël et Marine