2013 Porsche Boxster – Is this love?

2013 Porsche Boxster

I’ve been doing a fair bit of reading about Porsche in the last month or so and I’m growing quite fond of this seemingly forbidden fruit. This personal inner struggle of mine hasn’t been made any easier by Porsche previewing the next Boxster range.

These photos just came out yesterday. I believe the 2013 Porsche Boxster will make its in-the-metal debut at the world’s best motor show – Geneva – in March. With 261 and 311hp engine options, the Boxster is no longer just a showpony, either.

Aside from the rest of the visual improvements (pretty much everything), I just love the retro lettering on the back end. A photo of an old 912 is included for comparison.

Kudos to Michael Mauer, who I think we can still claim as an ex-Saab guy, even if he’s been gone from Saab for quite a few years now.


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  1. Never have really been fond of the boxer. The center tail pipe makes the car look weird. The front of this one is sexy though.

  2. Never have been able to get into the Boxster. It screams “poor man’s Porsche”. I do not know why, after all I am not a rich man and tend to think that we should buy what suits us, but I just do not get the Boxster. This one is no different.

    1. That ‘poor man’s Porsche’ has nearly 1G cornering, 300+ hp flat 6, probably less than 3,000 lbs. weight. It probably costs a little more than a similarly-equipped Corvette, which admittedly would beat the Boxster in virtually any arena other than a series of slaloms and gas mileage.

      With that said, I’m good with it. It’s a performance machine at a reasonably competitive price. Why over think it?

    2. Did you ever drive one?
      Sounds like you are more interested in showing off than having some fun with a car which has been the number 1 roadster for 15 year.

      1. Unless you’re driving one of them “appliance cars”, image and perception are part of what we look for in a car.

        As for Porsche, it’s 911 or nothing for me. Sorry, can’t take even the Cayman seriously. The Panamera Turbo is okay in my books, too. 😀

  3. The Boxter is absolutely growing in my eyes. And I have always loved center pipes, they make a car hot.

  4. i had a borrowed Boxster S for a few days in summer 2010. (like this one). Dynamic, great in curves, impressive sound from behind, i liked the logic (and design) of the dashboard indicators/knobs. Mainly a minor details on the dislike side. I liked the design a lot. This new one looks even better. In a 310HP Porsche making 0-100 in 5s i didn’t care about the “poor man’s Porsche” image at all.

    At the end this Boxster brought me the convertible experience on which I bought a Saab convertible.

  5. Holy crap that’s a good looking car… Lots of design cues from the Carerra GT which I loved, but sleeker.


  6. I’ve not ever been a fan of Porsche’s designs from an aesthetic point of view (just look at Jaguar and Aston Martin for comparison), but from an engineering or ‘form follows function’ point of view they are white hot. So much of the shape is dictated by the technical goals of the car that you can’t help but marvel at how much of that purpose is communicated by the design.

    1. What if it was a Boxster S, DJ? Tougher decision, then?

      The image question’s a curious one. I’m not a fan of the early Boxster interiors (or the fried egg lamps, to be honest) but the key is how it drives and I think the car’s probably taken too big a whack in that respect. A lot of “poor men” are profiting from the image crisis surrounding those early ones by getting a heck of a good drive due to some image-based depreciation.

      More power to them!

  7. Hi Swade.
    Looks like we share some passions, Saab and Porsche. Saabs are great cars, but since I didn’t see Saab coming out with a nice roadster soon, I got myself a Boxster last year. I see some remarks here about the Boxster being a “poor mans Porsche”. Well, that’s even more true than you think, pre-2004 Boxsters can now be bought for $10k to $15k. So, if you really would like to be looked down on by the 911 crowd then you get one of these cheap, beautiful driving machines.

    1. Cheapest ones are still around $20K here and they rise pretty quickly after that. A lot of 2-seater for the money, though.

      1. I’ll agree with that one — a lot of performance machine for the money. I’ll guess that the other obvious entry, the BMW Z4, wouldn’t be as interesting to drive.

        Audi TT? Lotus? You can get a 5-6 year-old Elise here for around $25,ooo?

  8. I’m right with you on the German marque. Been eyeing the GTS, Carrera, Classic 911s for some time. I don’t know about other places, but Boxter drivers in these neck of the woods seem to be very ill-mannered on the road. So my default reaction is to tend to not want to be in one, but your affinity to the new one has made me take a second look into the Boxter. Interesting. Like Gerrit N wrote, the Boxter may be frowned upon by the Porsche purists – but I’m used to that sort of “look” I get from others – I am, afterall, a SAAB owner.

  9. Oh my. That side shot of the gold one with the top up looks verrrry nice!

    Seeing all the different angles, I kind of like the lines of this version. While it would be fun to have a convertible (either Saab or one of these Boxsters), not very practical. I guess I will just have to survive with my Sonett III as the “fun” car.

  10. The Boxster does still have that unfortunate stigma attached to it… most would say rightfully so. I dislike the car, personally (just to get that out there) but I feel SOME people don’t know what they’re talking about when they play the “poor-man’s Porsche” song.

    The people in question see the 911 as the only ‘true’ Porsche, which isn’t too unfair I suppose. The 911 seems to be ubiquitous in each Porsche design; it’s Porsche’s canvas, their blank slate which they then create off of. Some cars are more 911 than others–but I’d like to remind people of the 914, 944, 968, etc. I’ve heard people refer to some of these as “poor-man’s Porsches” as well, but I don’t think it’s warranted with this lot. They are significantly different from the 911. They dared to give Porsche a range instead of splitting thin 911 hairs. I believe each was less expensive than the 911, and it could be argued that this allowed poseurs to afford a ‘Porsche’ but still not a 911. But I want to repeat that these were DIFFERENT cars than the 911–and quite GOOD cars, in my opinion. I admit I don’t know Porsche’s motivation behind them. Whether they truly wanted a bit more diversity (alternatives to the 911) or it was simply a ploy to capitalize on the Porsche-fan market who couldn’t afford a 911, I don’t know.

    Having said all that, the Boxster (to me) DOES seem like a poor-man’s Porsche–a poor-man’s 911, I’ll even say. It looks (again, opinion) like a 911 reject. Like someone tried to redesign the 911 and the higher-ups LIKED it, but felt it was too radical a change (which goes against their subtle, conservative philosophy) for the 911. And voilà! A decidedly cheaper 911 for the masses. Of course that’s probably not what happened at all; I’m sure Porsche see the Boxster as its own car. Could’ve fooled me, though.

    In the end people are more than welcome to their opinions and tastes. I’m sure it’s not a bad car at all and I’ve only formed my opinion based on looks. Still, give me a 944 any day–even over the 911 🙂

  11. I you consider the Boxster simply in terms of how it looks (literally and metaphorically), then you probably shouldn’t get one.

    The Boxster is a wonderful car to drive. Everything in the cabin is right where you want it, the steering is great, the balance of the car is just right. It really is a treat and, at 150kg less than the base 911, it’s more of a traditional sports car. It’s also proven itself to be reliable, cheap to maintain, and long-lived.

    In other words, it’s a driver’s car. Nothing wrong with that.

  12. If a Boxster is “the poor-man’s 911” should I think that the 911 is “the poor-man’s Ferrari”..;.??