Clarification on my interview with TTELA

Earlier this week, I hinted that an interview with Trollhattan’s local newspaper, TTELA,, would be forthcoming soon. The interview has been published today and as I’ve received a few concerned emails from friends about it, there are a few things I’d like to clarify.

First, the headline.

‘I have given up hope’

This is not referring to Saab. People who read further into the article will see that I personally do not hold any great hopes of working for Saab again myself, which is the situation the headline should refer to. It’s not that I have given up hope for Saab. I certainly think the future for a potential buyer would be a difficult one given the loss of people, distribution networks and the apparent lack of cooperation being shown by GM. I do maintain hope, however, that Saab can survive with at least some resemblance to the Saab we know.

Second, my flat and my car.

Apparently the Swedish text reads like these were given to me, or provided for me. This was not the case. I bought my own car (a 1991 Saab 900) and I paid my own rent (6700SEK per month, if you’re interested).

I think Anna-Karin did a great job with the interview and I enjoyed speaking with her. I can’t accurately translate the Swedish text for myself but these potential misunderstandings, and that’s all they are, were brought to my attention so I figured I should address them straight away.

Greetings from Landvetter!

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  1. It’s interesting how information can be ‘twisted’ in translation even coming directly from the source himself 😉 I wonder what it has been like for the Saab PR team since Spyker took over. Holy moses.

    As for Inside-Saab and your insight I think it would be foolish for the new owner of Saab not to relaunch the site ones we can start talking cars again. They will need ALL the help in the world in lifting the brand up on its feet and back on peoples shopping list!

  2. You´re right about the headline, but not about the flat and the car (well, they might have done som changes to the text). Does not read at all as if the flat and the car were provided by Saab (or anyone else). Safe trip back home! Take care.

  3. Ultimately Saab will have to make a profit for someone somehow. New cars, used cars, parts, service, or consulting – the profit has to be somewhere. I certainly have not found a car to replace my 9-3s, which is maybe one of the problems with the NG 9-5s. In past three years GM has had 4 CEOs. So, GM has it’s own troubled history, which was maybe not a good time to be a GM brand.

    The future has not been written yet, so never say never.

    Just a thought.

  4. Swade,

    You have been a hero for me and countless other SAAB owners for years now. My lady and I own 2 2006 SAAB 9-5 sc’s with around 50k on the odometer.

    We love the cars but are concerned about future parts availability. I have not gotten a straight answer from my mechanic or the SAAB community at large. What decision would you make if in our shoes logically speaking?

    Thank you for your loyalty and committment to SAAB


    1. Hi Sam,

      don’t worry on the parts situation. That’s improving very rapidly now.
      (See The Parts company is still there, still active, and will be for many many years.

  5. How come I have not heard about your new site? I must have read something in a haste:)
    Good to see you online again Swade!

  6. Swade you will always held in great regard, you really have shown passion for Saab and i guess you always will, ….i still have not give up on Saab, ….still running the 1988 C900 Conv and now also running a Twin turbo 9-3, (love it)when ever you are in the UK make sure you look me up !!

    All the best

  7. A word to the wise (Prospective buyer of Saab Auto)..
    Social media is of extreme importance in todays automotive world and maybe especially for a “cult” make like Saab that has a trusty following.
    Writing about everything regarding a make from the manufacturers point of view but with the perspective of the enthusiast is a real asset. And as Nobody does that better than Steven Wade I implore of you:

    As soon as the deal is done… Pick up the phone and: