Koenigsegg brakes

Koenigsegg brakes

Today’s a travel day…. Lots of two-stroke fun here in Holland then off to England.

While I’m hooning about, I’ll leave you to ponder the magic that is a Koenigsegg brake disc. 400mm of pure stopping power and one of the two main reasons these beasts can go from zero to 300km/h and then back to zero again in just 21.19 seconds.

Note the Nokia on the hub for some perspective.

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  1. These photos you are showing us really tell the story how expensive it is to provide pure, high class parts. This stuff looks -err- simple, in a sense that the parts are just well designed and well executed.

    Confirms my theory that the majority of the cost for developing a new mass-produced car are indeed generated in the process of finding ways to make it cheaper.

    Developing and designing these Koenigsegg cars certainly did not take a billion Euro, because the engineers just followed good practices in construction, and all else was oversized, just to make sure.

  2. Koenigsegg cars are superb, plain and simple… An awesome car, put together by really nice people 🙂