Huon Pine and Tasmanian Myrtle

I’m working on Mrs Swade’s 2011 Christmas present, which should hopefully be ready by Christmas 2012……

Some of you know that Mrs Swade likes to do watercolor paintings. This is a cabinet intended to provide some flat storage for her finished work and stock paper.

The cabinet frame is made from Tasmanian Oak covered with 9mm MDF. The box is then finished with a 4mm veneer featuring some Tasmanian timbers – Myrtle and Huon Pine – cut into strips.

If you’ve never seen Huon Pine before, it’s worth travelling to Tasmania – the only place in the world where it grows natively – just to inhale its beautiful smell. I spent nearly an hour sweeping the floor before cutting the Huon on my table saw, just so I could make sure the shavings would remain unpolluted. Magic stuff.

The top and sides of the cabinet have a pattern effect, mostly myrtle.

The front fascia will be all Huon Pine.

Experienced woodworkers out there, please forgive the roughness of this job. I’m the rankest of rank amateurs, but I enjoy the therapy it provides.

It should look better once the sanding’s all done and the oil is applied.

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  1. Hi Swade,

    Looks beautiful! and don´t worry. Take it from an experienced guy in the interior joinery business 🙂 No need for excuses from your side. I believe Mrs Swade will be happy!

    /Daniel B

    1. I hope she will. I’d love to have the skills to do this stuff properly. The things you joinery guys can do are absolutely amazing.

      1. Well I hope you put some images up with the finished product. The Tasmanian timbers sounds very interesting. I guess the possibility of finding it here in Sweden might be minimal…

        Take care and have a great weekend!

  2. I love Huon pine! I want to travel to Tasmania just to see them. Is it true about their amazing health benefits? I had found a website for someone who was selling oils and such locally in Tasmania.

  3. Beautiful work! No need to apologize for your obvious talent! And Mrs. Swade’s paintings are very attractive, as well! Look forward to seeing your progress 🙂

  4. Excellent work! You know, I’ve been into photography lately and have a need for a flat storage cabinet as well. 🙂