A must-read story about the Saab Museum

Saab 93F - VM055

Pierre from Charles River Saab has posted a wonderful story on the CRS weblog today.

Having been the recipient of a similar favour in the last few years, I found myself smiling non-stop as I read this. And as a post-script, if I’m guessing the dates correctly, this might well have happened on my last day in Trollhattan, too.

It’s a highly recommended way to pass a few minutes on a Sunday. And Pierre – yes indeed, you do need to get to the museum some time. I can only wish I was still there to introduce you to Peter and accompany you both on a tour.

Dan and a visit to the Saab Museum (CRS Blog)

Greetings from Sydney!

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  1. Pierre’s story is great. I’ve never been to the Saab Museum but I did have the pleasure of meeting Peter at the 2010 Saab Owners Convention in Ohio. He’s a wonderfully warm and engaging human being, not to mention a diehard Saab fan.

  2. Awesome story. Thanks for sharing, Swade. I’ve got to get to that museum some day. This story reminds me that SAAB is about awesome people as much as it is about amazing cars. When I bought my Viggen, the previous owner gave me a bunch of SAAB books and magazines. That’s where I discovered the 99 Turbo that led to me buying one and eventually starting the 99 Turbo website. About a year after I bought the Viggen, the same previous owner tracked me down because he had come across some spare parts and wanted to send them to me. I’ve noticed when you buy a used SAAB, the biggest concern of the person selling it is that it’s going to someone who is a true SAAB lover who will take care proper care of it : )

  3. Sucker that I am, this story brought tears to my eyes due to the kindness of Peter and Dan’s luck. Like Pierre this is also on my bucket list. Back In the late 80’s to mid 90’s selling Saabs I had several clients that I arranged IDS (International Delivery Service) for. Something I wanted to do too, but of course never got around to. Imagine picking up your new Saab in it’s home of birth to use touring Sweden’s countryside and then have it shipped back to the USA later, wow!! Let’s all hope for a great outcome for Saab. Not because of what I want to still do, but because of what Saab is and stands to us all. Some of Saab’s followers moved on, but for me my heart is still with Saab. Call me crazy….great story and thanks Pierre for sharing it..<3

  4. The Man, The Museum and the Machines — It just does not get any better!
    Peter is a wonderful person, and all you have to do to get him to open up is show your enthusiasm for Saab. Being the true Saab nut that I am, Peter is one of my heros. I would live in that museum and clean the cars with a q-tip if he gave me food and shelter.
    In 1997 I was in the museum during the Saab festival. It was very crowded and I wandered around and came upon the back room where the real treasures were under car covers! I was reminded of Uncle Bob Sinclair telling us that the real good stuff was always behind the curtain, and it was ok to snoop around and hope you didn’t get busted. So here I am in this wonderful old locomotive factory trying to imagine what might be hiding under that car cover — should I take a peek? Just then I heard a door open and close in the back of the room, and rapidly approaching footsteps — busted by the man himself! Mr B was every so pleasant and said something like ” I see see you’ve found the good stuff ” and proceded to show me what was under some of those car covers, and some of the ultra rare and unique Saab parts on the shelves. He was very busy and on a mission to get something for someone, but he took the time to show me some of his toys and in parting said ” Keep looking, just put things back as you found them — and enjoy the Museum!