Saab story on Top Gear this weekend (S18, Ep5)

9-5 and 99 Top Gear

As some of you may have already heard, there will be a Saab feature story on Top Gear this weekend.

It’s not a Saab vehicle review, of course. Instead, Messrs Clarkson and May drive a number of historic and modern Saabs, and I assume they then proceed to analyse the company’s recent demise. It might not be nice in parts, but I have a feeling they will treat some of the brand’s products and history with the appropriate measure of respect (one can always hope!).

I haven’t seen the story, but I know a few of the vehicle owners whose cars you’ll see in it. Observant eyes would have already noticed Mike P’s Saab 9-5 in the season preview they ran in Episode 1.

The 9-5’s shown at the beginning, in a bit they describe as not being part of the series, but the car will be in there.


Those of you who get Top Gear live on your telly should make sure you tune in this coming weekend.

Those of you who don’t get Top Gear live will have to employ some tricky internet-type tactics to either watch it via the Beeb or do one of those tricky torrent thingies a day or so later (not that I’d ever condone that sort of thing, of course).

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  1. I’m looking forward to this weekend’s TG but like millions of people who watch the show I live outside of the UK.
    I more often than not search for the most recent episode and add the word streetfire on the end. SO far this season it hasn’t failed.

  2. Rats! Top Gear season 18 doesn’t come to BBC America until mid-April, so episode 5 would not be likely until May.

  3. According to the TV listings guide, It is going to be a ‘tribute to Saab’.

    There are very easy ways to watch BBC iplayer worldwide…..