The last Saabs to land in the United States

Saabs in port, in New Jersey

Kudos to the guys from for getting these photos of a batch of Saabs held up on the docks in the US.

These are the last Saabs to arrive there and once they hit the auction houses, they will be the last Saabs sold there (save for a buyer for the company being announced and production being resumed – either way, they’re the last Saabs ever into the US or the last for a very long time).

Many more photos and thoughts by the photographers at the link above.

Saabworld has the story in some more depth. The cars were held due to a dispute between an ailing Saab Cars North America and Ally Financial (formerly GMAC and a big part of the financial equation when it comes to dealer financing).

Saabworld is also saying that Ally Financial has won the legal argument, though I don’t seem to be able to find a story to that effect online at the moment.

All the arguments aside, it’s a sad postscript to a very bad 2011.

Thanks to Greg Abbott for the tip!

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  1. Wonder how quickly they’ll sell and at what price? They’ll be mighty rare vehicles unless the factory starts rolling in the next few months or soon thereafter.

  2. Steven:

    Dow Jones published a story on March 23rd. It’s buried behind a pay firewall. All one can see on their website is this: “Secured lender Ally Financial Friday won a bankruptcy court duel for the right to sell 950 Saabs, the last of the distinguished line to arrive on U.S. shores…”

    You might be interested in an earlier story from March 7th that offers a bit more detail about what was to be decided on March 23rd:

    I’m expecting Manheim Auto Auction will dispose of the remaining cars. Manheim usually only works with dealers so I dare say we’ll find out after the fact unless one of your followers has inside information. There were a batch of GM-owned 9-4X’s that were sold through Manheim in December 2012.

    Also for you and especially any 2nd-gen 9-5 owner, there is a Facebook page called the “International SAAB 9-5 NG Club”. There’s 63 of us at present. We will likely migrate to SaabsUnited or somewhere else but Facebook is a great place for “first contact” as it were.

    1. Hi Doug. I did see the March 7 piece. I’m surprised the latest one hasn’t been picked up and been reported more widely.

      I think the 9-5 group’s a good idea, and FB’s the right place to make contact. Well done.

  3. @Swade I found the information about the Ally court decision on a paid subscription site. It only shows the first line but it seems a relaible source:

    Didn’t doubt it, Wulf. Just couldn’t find it. – SW

    @Doug I can highly recommend SaabWorld as a technical and community resource for all Saab 9-5 (2010-2011) owners. 🙂

  4. Wow. Hopefully somebody tracks what Ally ends up doing with these. I had been planning to wait on getting a new car to replace my 9-3 hatchback, but if I could get one of those 9-3 Sportcombis at an auction type deal….hmmm……

    1. Ally will probably try to sell them to an auction company which will most likely sell them to Saab dealers like they did with the remaining 9-4X last year. shows there are still 743 new Saabs for sale at dealers. It seems they can’t even sell those so flooding the market with 950 more new Saabs will probably bring prices even further down. Good for people looking for a “deal” but bad for current owners who bought a new Saab last year.

      And sad to see all of this coming to an end for Saab this way.

      1. Decisions, decisions….

        I agree this is very sad and I was planning to hold out and see what happens with new owners for Saab and if the new 9-3 replacement on Phoenix would ever see the light of day as that sounds like the car I would really want. I could likely coax a couple more years out of my 2000 9-3, but no matter what happens with the sale of Saab, I want my next car to be a Saab of some kind….so if a smokin’ deal came along on a new 9-3 combi….although I do hate this for the dealers, and current Saab owners who do care about resale value.

  5. Hey Swade! You probably don’t remember me, but you rode in my red 1992 C900 base back during the 2008 Detroit Auto Show before it went on its voyage through Canada. Thanks for linking to my photos. I highly encourage all Saab enthusiasts in the New York City area to make a trip over to the storage area just to say “Bye” to likely the last new Saabs we’ll ever see.