Poll – British Automotive Icons

We’ve had my nominations (thanks, Lance) and we’ve had your nominations.

It’s time to vote.

I’ve added 3 cars from your nominations, based on how instantly recognisable they are both as vehicles in their class and as simply being typically British. This is, of course, according to my own flawed Swadeology radar. Please forgive me if you don’t agree, but I think we’ve ended up with a very iconic British list.

The vehicles added to the original 5 nominations are:

  • Land Rover Defender
  • Range Rover
  • Morris Minor


Time for the vote:

[poll id=”7″]

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  1. Lots of choice…the Aston, Roller, Jag and MG are all iconic but they didn’t move the world on like, say the Mini. A Range Rover is the only vehicle you would ever need.
    However, there is one truly great British vehicle that is found throughout the world, in some of its toughest places, will go pretty much anywhere, run on lamp oil if necessary, and is not massively different from its 1940s original. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Land Rover (Defender or earlier, doesn’t matter!)

  2. I voted for Morris Minor… I had 2 of them…

    1950 convertible and 1957 sedan.

    The 1950 had real leather the 1957 had (plastic?)
    The 1950 also had thermosyphin cooling ( no waterpump)
    fan was attached to generator. If you broke a fan belt the fan blades would turn the generator to keep the battery charged, once you were doing over 20 mph. Saved power for passing ??????????

  3. Of course it is the gentlemenns car. Heck, the english invented the “gentlemen”. A man that only show affection to horse and dogs….:-D

  4. In that list, I had to decide between the Mini and the Land Rover, so my vote went to the one with steelframe and aluminium coachwork.

    1. Me too. But perhaps the Mini, the E-Type and the Land Rover (Range Rover is really just a derivation) form a trinity of iconic British cars and that is how I will think of this.