The Volkswagen Beetle is German and iconic

The poll is over and the result is overwhelming – the Volkswagen Type 1, the Beetle, is the most iconic German vehicle.

Here are the top 5 results from the poll, from a field of 25 candidates.


Having a fuller field of candidates was an interesting exercise.

One of the reasons I settled on this was because I knew we’d have a big list of nominees this time around. The other reason was to see how I’m doing with my own nominations and I’m pleased that 4 of the top 5 vote getters were nominated on-site. The fact that my fifth nomination only got 1 vote might be a little troubling, but I’ll live with that 🙂

Thanks to all who nominated your favourite iconic German vehicles, and of course to all who placed a vote as well.

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  1. The original Beetle is so iconic, it is hard to imagine anything else on this list.

    Do some readers confuse “iconic” with “a car I’d like to own and impress my friends with”?

    The iconic cars by nation series is great fun to read. Looking forward to what other nations make the list.

    1. In that case, it doesn’t bode well for Germany, when a car with that history is the Icon of German car industry.

      A car designed by an Austrian and ordered by an Austrian dictator and build during first years by jewish and east european slaves. Great Icon !!! 8-/

      1. You are taking this way too far.
        This is the car that put Europe on wheels after the war. *That* is what makes it an icon.
        It is not the question whether we like it or not. Although I actually think it is a masterpiece of economic engineering, an quite nice to look at. 😉

        1. VW had so many things right for a car enrhusiast! I know from first hand experience. This is from a guy who turned into a SAAB FANatic!

  2. The two VW’s and the 911, that was rather predictable in the top 5. The two other are fine examples too. But the whole shortlist is full of automotive delicacies, surely no Einheitswurst in that list! Even the extreme opposites of a sixties M-B 600 and a fifties Kabinenroller makes sense.
    Only the NSU Ro80 should have been somewhere on the list, it still looks modern today. Luthe’s masterwork, timeless elegance but troubled by some serious unreliablities.

  3. The VW Bug was my warmup car to Saabs. I had a ’63 yellow bug Convertible that I loved. It was pretty slow, but that was over ruled by the car’s distinctive and totally unique personality. I purchased a brand spanking new 1969 cherry red Bug coupe. What a fine car that was for someone (me) naturally looking for a counter culture car. Power was hugely more than the ’63. I identified with its German heritage and personality. It’s one of my favorite cars of all time rivaling my Saabs for a car with a distinctive personality. I also had a ’65 Chevy Corvair Monza that asshat Nadir shot dead just when Chevy had redesigned the rear suspension to one of excellence. My wife of 40 years and I had many good times in that fantastic car! 4 X 1 barrel carbs brought it to 140 hp – not bad.