Fulvia Quest – Update

Just a quick update on my search for a good Lancia Fulvia.

The red one from northern Australia has been ruled out. I did get some feedback from the seller last night (finally) and it raised more questions than it answered. There IS a good list of spare parts that come with the car so anyone looking at it who’s willing to reconcile the irregularities that I can’t figure out from a distance could well land themselves a good car.

The blue car from Canberra is still available and the seller has received several offers, including a standing offer from me. All offers are around the same mark. I’ve said that mine’s conditional upon establishing that the car is indeed drivable.


As mentioned earlier, the car hasn’t been run for around 10 years. The seller is very, very confident that that isn’t a problem because the engine was perfect before it was stored. I still want to be sure.

And as a practical matter, the car has to be able to drive and stop as a condition of carriage with a freight company.

I don’t hold out a lot of hope for the blue Fulvia. I think some of the interested parties (and there are apparently quite a few) will have less stringent conditions than I have.

I reckon I’ll give it another week and make my own decision then. It may just be that I have to put the whole Fulvia idea aside for some time in the hope that one will become available closer to home one day.

Even I’m capable of some common sense, even if it’s only occasionally.

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  1. Is it possible that you’ve distorted the Australian Fulvia market? You need to post a few articles slagging Fulvias. This will quench demand and allow you to buy at the bottom of the market.

  2. What’s the hurry? Get the Aero sorted first. A Fulvia will ‘turn up’ when it’s ready, and you are ready. Then you will know. It will feel right. Something the red and blue cars didn’t, for whatever reason.

  3. Hi Swade. if you’re off the Fulia chase I thought this car i saw today might interest you! Pics might not work.. Maybe you can add.

    1. Ok, that don’t work. 1971 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super 2000, looked great, taking offers from 10k.. Can email you photos if you want. Prob not as special as a Fulvia but gorgeous all the same.

      1. I’ve seen a ’72 model GTV 2000 on carsales in red priced at $10K. Is that that one?

        I’ve got bookmarked searches on carsales for 1960-80 Alfas, 1980-2000 Porsches, and all Lancias. They get checked every day 🙂

      2. Also, Fulvia idea is not dead, but on the backburner. I’ve made an offer on the Canberra car but he’s got several offers around the same mark and is waiting for more. The Qld car just has too many questions.

        I really need a running Fulvia with a credible history to come on the market closer to home. That’ll be a much more suitable scenario. Then I’d need somewhere to store it as I most likely won’t have space here by that time…..

  4. Just wait it out on the Fulvia front – there will be a better one around the corner.
    To throw a spanner in the works – that Alfa Junior you included in the poll has a quite badly bubbled exterior paint work on it, I’ve seen it myself – although the seller does not mention it. It does however go like the wind I’ve been told.

  5. Hi Swade, I was in a simular situation as you but was lucky enough to find a Series 1 Fulvia that had been stored and not run for 19 years. Long story on how I came to purchase it but basically I was in right place at the right time. My love of Lancia’s started when my older brother purchased a Fulvia Zagatto which he slowly restored. With a slight bit of brainwashing I purchased a Lancia Beta back in the 90’s, and loved it. The rust kept on coming back, just like a bad cancer so I had to let it go. After that I had a VW Fastback and
    then went BMW with a run of E30’s and a 75 BMW 2002, with the tii motor which I still run today. My brother has two Fulvia’s so I was always looking for one and jumped at the chance to purchase the barn find Fulvia at face value. I am still going through the process of getting mine on the road. The cooling system was completely stuffed and the coolant had turned to what looked like white cement. Going through the brakes as we speak, and had to get the master re-sleeved. It’s a lot of work and if money was no object I would have
    just dropped it off and got it sorted. Lucky it was a runner, and to say I was relieved when it fired to life is an understatement. I don’t regret getting it as every time I open the garage it puts a smile on my face. My advice would be to get in touch with Italian car clubs or look out for the European car shows, as many of these cars just swap hands and get snapped up without even going on sale. Good luck and don’t give up. The Fulvia is very underrated in Australia but with time things are changing (noticed prices went up after the Top Gear episode)so best bet would be to try for sooner rather than later..

    1. Think I saw your first start up on Youtube? Sounds familiar. And I think you’re right – the time to get one is ASAP, because they’re only going to go up and up now.