Petrolicious: Saab 900

Greetings from the road.

I’m driving a black 1993 Saab 900 up the east coast of Australia right now, so sitting here and watching this video gave me some special pleasure.

This is Petrolicious’ tribute to a very special Saab, owned by a very special guy. All concerned should be credited for a wonderful production. If I was to nitpick, I’d ask that they spend a little longer on the exhaust note, someone so wonderfully original to the 900. But that’s just me. They’ve done a great job and the car looks sensational.

This movie has been out for a few days now and most of you will have seen it. For those who haven’t, please do enjoy.


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  1. All the other videos on Petrolicious are very good …

    Greetings from Germany!

  2. Nice video but I hate the sound when he changes gear. He should have rebuilt the gearbox when he fixed everything else.

  3. This video got my heart palpating for a 900 SPG something bad. My father’s friend had a 1985 flat nose in silver with red interior, and this car remains one of the cars I most lust after. Thanks to this video (which I watched like a thousand times), I started looking on the web for one and found one in silver with red interior (1985 flat nose model just like what my dad’s friend had). Not too bad shape, but not cheap at EUR 4500. Am trying to negotiate with the seller re price. Something tells me that these cars will not be getting any cheaper any time soon – and good examples are becoming rarer to come by. Now that I own a solid 9000 Aero, this will mean that I own two of my four dream cars (the other two are a 1980s 911 and a Saab classic 900 convertible – although these are much more expensive!). Well, at least I got the approval from the wife – keep your fingers crossed!

    Many thanks for the post Swade and looking forward to hearing about your road trip!

  4. Markac – I do not think the sound is the gear box, but the atmospheric blow off valve (non standard) which the owner installed. My 900 Aero makes a similar sound under hard acceleration (which had the atmospheric blow off valve installed as standard, although I still have the standard unit rather than the aftermarket ones which are louder), and it makes a similar noice when I take my foot off the pedal after hard acceleration.

  5. Haha, gees I should pay closer attention. I sent you a link to this video without realising you had already made the jump on it. Now Petrilicious just needs to do one on the little less iconic 9000’s from the same era.