Poll: Best Car Names


I’m not sure we’ll ever be able to claim that this list is definitive – we’d need a few more votes than what we’ll get here to make a claim like that – but I do want a chance to draft a peer-reviewed list of the best car names of all time (it sounds much more credible if you say peer-reviewed. I learned that from climate sceptics*).

voteI made my suggestions and you made yours. It’s time to put them together and rock the vote.

Rules: There are no rules. You can vote for as many different names as you like. If it appeals to you, give it a tick. You can vote for one. You can vote for five, ten or fifty-two. It’s up to you.

A request: Please pass this around to your friends and get them to vote, too. The more input we can get on this the more we can claim it’s an authoritative list. I think that’d be cool.

I haven’t put every suggested name up there. The vast majority did make it on the list, but there were some that I just couldn’t abide. Sorry in advance.

Here’s the poll:

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* It was tongue-in-cheek, dude. Any comments about climate change will be quickly and soundly deleted.

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  1. That reads like the cast list from a Dino de Laurentis sci-fi flick. All that’s missing is a Duran Duran Turbo, a Ming Merciless V12 and a Duke Atreides Coupe.

    1. It’s not a bad list, is it?

      Probably could have been even better, but the research would take sooooo long to find all the obscure but cool names. Maybe that’ll come one day.

    1. The wrongness of that name is just dazzling. I think it might actually be Pantry Boy Supreme, which is even more wrong, as if that were possible. You should win a prize, Sir. It led me to look up online lists of weird car names but there is surely none that beats it. Then I looked up pictures – I reckon it counts as a car, if one allowed a wide definition, but specifically what? With a name like that it surely should be a camper. But is it a utility vehicle? A gardener’s buggy? A golf cart? An adult toy for giants?

  2. It is a very good list. Now for the ‘worst car name’ list. I have my two consistently worst naming marques locked and loaded. I’d bet everyone would agree on my number one worst naming OEM.

  3. I think if Viggen wins we probably have to admit to a certain bias.. It’s a great name, but I don’t think it stacks up in terms of public consciousness or longevity.

    1. Viggen and Sonett are both polling much better than they would in ‘the real world’. Much as I love the Sonett, it’s not the most pant-wetting name ever given to a car. It shall be noted when the results are read 🙂

  4. Interesting pattern to the names, if you look at the front runners. Military names and aggressive/powerful animals rule the roost. I’m a big fan of the Plymouth Fury myself but I wonder if we are saying a bit too much with our choices 🙂

    Perhaps Swade it would be interesting to run with a few categories – coolest name, most beautiful name (Disco Volante surely?), most macho etc.