About Swade

My name is Steven Wade and I’ve been active online as a publisher since February 2005.

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Swadeology is my personal blog. My previous blogs were in the automotive sphere and up to the end of December, 2011, I worked as a writer/blogger for Saab Automobile AB, in Sweden.

The thoughts on this website are my own and are not related to my employers, past or present.

I was born in 1970. I grew up in Melbourne, where I lived until age 24, when I moved to Hobart, Tasmania. I studied accounting and management, graduating in 1997 and I completed my CPA studies in 2001.

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I assert my right to copyright over all written material on this website. It may not be copied or reproduced without permission (which is very easy to get, just ask).


  1. Hi Swade, my relationship with Saab started in 1989 when I became the General Manager of a Saab dealership in the UK. After five years with a non progressive company I was aked by the MD of Saab GB to take over as Dealer Principal at the second largest Saab dealer in the UK.
    In 2001 I bought my own Saab dealership and ran it successfully for six years before accepting an offer to buy me out. It was one of the worst decisions made as I missed being associated with Saab immensly.
    Being a dealer and a member of the UK Dealer Council, I visited Trollhaten on many, many occassions, always staying at the Swania and you sensed the passion of the workforce. I was there in the early days of GM’s involvement and it was obvious that even some very senior GM guys did not have a clue about the brand.
    The best way that I can sum up how close the Saab family were to each other was when my stepson was getting married and settling in Hobart, I e mailed the Hobart dealer saying that my wife and I would be in Hobart for ten days, he offered to loan me a Saab while I was there. Cannot see any other dealer brands doing that.
    The UK dealers that I’ve spoken to who have been with Saab for over twenty years are absolutly gutted about the outcome, but they remain hopeful.
    It is great news about the museum, spent many a happy hour there.
    Another regret, five years ago I sold my mint condition 1990 900 Turbo 16s 3 door, wish I still had it.
    Keep up the good Saab work.
    Regards – Andrew

  2. Hello Steven.
    Just making a loong shot !
    This was around christmas time at the time you were working at/ for saab before the bitter end. There were a lovely santa claus drawing in one of the blogs around you.
    Do you remember a red saab 9-5-ish thing with jet-engines on its rear sides and (I think) sledges instead of rear wheels. And a big christmas sack in aft trunk : )
    If you still have access to it, Is it possible to have a link ?
    Merry christmas.
    Saab fan Johan. Sweden

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