Holland and Belgium

The Dutch Saab Support Convoy was the one that kicked this whole idea off.

As the idea grew, registrations for th Dutch event grew from 250 to 400 to 500 to 580!!

At the end of the event, orgniasers emailed me with estimates of around 800 cars attending!

It’s a tribute to the country that boasts having the oldest Saab Car Club in the world.

And a tribute to the support shown to Saab worldwide. Congratulations to all of the organisers and attendees on what was a brilliant event – and the seed that started a worldwide campaign.

Additional info and pictures will be added as they come to hand.


Aerial view of the attendees, bearing in mind that at this point, there were 100 cars still on the motorway leading up to this area, another additional 200 or more were still waiting for the go at the museum.

There is a large version of this image available here, however you may only download it for personal use.


I’ve received some images and stories already from people attending the Dutch Saab Support Convoy. This involves almost 600 cars and is a remarkable relationship between the Dutch people and Saab cars.

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