About Swadeology

Hi, all.

I first started writing online back in late 2004 on a site I called Green Interior. I still love that title, actually. I should have used it for this.

My first focused effort at writing was with a Saab site called Trollhattan Saab. Several CMS changes and a whole bunch of stuff later, TS got a bit too difficult to manage. Changes in the wind for Saab Automobile also made it a good time to update, so I started a new site, called Saabs United, which still lives on today in the hands of a new owner.

Based on those efforts over a period of six years, I was hired by Saab Automobile to run their corporate insider website – Inside Saab. That exercise only lasted eight months, from April 2011 until Saab’s bankruptcy on December 19, 2011.

And thus, Swadeology was born.

This is now my own personal receptacle for writing, which is the thing I love doing the most. I wrote about Saab because it was a company whose products I adore. I also love cars in general – the culture, the freedom and the experiences they can bring.

Swadeology will mostly be about cars and the car industry, but I’ll also write about other things from time to time. This will be a “slow food” site. Gone is the hectic pace of 4-6 articles per day.

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The focus is now on quality rather than quantity.

I won’t just be about Saabs, either. I’ve always had interests in other car companies, Alfa Romeo and Porsche in particular. I’ll write about those a little, and some industry stuff in general.

I’d also like to take more photos and shoot more movies. I’d like as much media content on Swadeology to be original as is possible.

I guess you could say this is my mind on your screen. I hope you find it interesting and come back from time to time. I hope you can participate in the conversation.

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I made a lot of great friends over my time at Saab and I guess this is one way I can keep in touch with you and let you know what’s going on in my part of the world.

Posting will likely be two to three times a week, so you can either come along as you please, or hook up with the RSS feed or email subscription.

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Thanks for dropping by.


  1. I didn’t click [forgive the pun] when your cross post appeared at Saabs United but I’m mightily pleased that I’ve now found your latest blog and intend to frequent the site in order to soak up more of your excellent narrative style.

  2. Swade, loved your story and pictures of lunch with Erik Carlsson. What a car! Also, I’m delighted that you’re continuing to blog–you have such great insight and gift for description.

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