The first of this weekend’s Saab Support Convoys happened Saturday, in Bulgaria.

Earlier this weekend, the Sofia Echo newspaper wrote a big article on this event, calling it a protest, etc, which I used on site here to illustrate the care we all need to take to ensure that the rallies are portrayed the right way because the media will sensationalise it, given the chance.

Of course, the Bulgarian convoy went off without a hitch. All you’ll see here are beautiful cars and a bunch of very happy Saab nuts.

The group’s organiser, Pavel, provided this report specifically for the benefit of the people at the Sofia Echo 🙂

Our rally has ended. No blood spills, no broken windows etc : )
The article written by Sofia Echo was pure journalistic fiction. We did WALK by the US embassy ONLY with signs SAVE SAAB! Nobody from the club said a word! Everybody was quiet! Nobody was cursing, yelling, showing fingers or other inappropriate stuff!

It was not a protest, but a peaceful gathering of saab fans.

Everything was done with police escort. We stood for 15-20 minutes NEAR the embassy and then headed to GM central where we stood AGAIN without horns, yellings etc.

for about 20 minutes.

Two national medias covered the convoy – bTV (Rupert Murdoch’s TV) and PRO-BG.

There were more than 45 SAAB-s and more than 15 cars from other clubs – Citroen, VOLVO, The Club of Fans and Owners of American cars thus making about 100people. The convoy was about 300 metres long.

The support of other manufacturer’s enthuiasts is a fantastic sign and their attendance is much appreciated.

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