New York

There were 54 registered cars, but there could have been a few unregistered tag-alongs as well.

I’ve been advised that thanks are due to Nathan and Shane for the great work in putting this together – so thanks to you guys, and to all who turned up.

Steve C has provided some details from the event…..

  • There were a minimum of 52 cars at the end point, at Liberty State Park
  • Could have been as many as 80 that participated through different parts of the day’s program
  • There were a couple of 96’s (at least one a two-stroke), one 900 SPG, one or two 9-7X’s and a few NG900’s, at least one 9000 and the rest were current generation 9-3s or 9-5s.
  • Lady Liberty was hidden away in the photos by poor weather.
  • Park police were in attendance, but were cool.
  • A good time was had by all.

The following photos are (mostly) from Meg H, and look fantastic!

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