Saab owners from both Illinois and Wisconsin got together in Chicago today for what seems to have been a very successful event.

The vehicle count stood at 64 cars, which is a fantastic effort. Reporters from the Chicago Tribune were in attendance, interviewing owners.

Hopefully there should be some good media coverage in coming days.

Peter Gilbert, owner of the million-mile Saab 900, was there. Unfortunately, the 900 wasn’t as it’s still ensconsed in the museum in Wisconsin.

There was a board for people to sign at the Chicago event as an affirmation of the event’s purpose.


Chicago Breaking News has a report posted online…..

Saab owners pride themselves on being quirky, like their cars.
“I don’t want to drive a (Toyota) Camry. If I had one, I would probably drive it off of a cliff,” said Kevin Wright, who is part of a dual-Saab driving household. “I like the option of having a car that’s different than everyone else.

We hate the idea of something that has a bit of originality going by the wayside.”

Wright, who is a chauffer, and his wife, Colette Gabriel, were among more than 80 Saab owners who converged on an IKEA parking lot today to show their support for the ailing brand. Enthusiasts from across the Midwest travelled to Schaumburg as part of a worldwide “Save Our Saabs” convoy. They commiserated around their diesel hatchbacks, sensible wagons and sporty drop tops to sob about the potential loss of Saab.

Diesel hatchbacks?

OK, so it’s my understanding that one my old mates, a guy named Fred, was there with his diesel Saab 9-3 and might have given a few people a taste of modern diesel technology.

Anyway….. good to see it got some good coverage.



The following vieo was shot by Hector B, and shows a good portion of the vehicles in attendance. Several 9-7x’s are notes, as is at least one Saab 9-2x, which is a significant sighting.

The Dutch Saab Convoy had at least one vehicle from Saab’s entire historical range, with the single exception of a 9-2x. That car being Chicago signifies that every basic model Saab’s ever made (not special editions, etc, for the pedants out there) participated in this event worldwide.

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