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I have been writing online since February 2005. Aside from this site, you can see my previous work, detailed below.

I’m available to do automotive-based freelance work. Please feel free to contact me to talk about it.


Most of my work has been with Saab-based weblogs (see details below)

  • Trollhattan Saab: 2005-2009
  • Saabs United: 2009 – 2011
  • Inside Saab: 2011

I have also contributed articles and been interviewed for many publications about matters relating to Saab Automobile over the years. Here’s a small sample of editorial and interviews (the number of Swedish articles would be too many to be bother typing).

There were also interviews for the BBC, DealBlog (Wall St Journal) and many articles where Saabs United or I personally were cited in TTELA, Dagens Industri, SVD.se, Auto Motor and Sport and others.

Other work…..


I’m currently writing copy for Koenigsegg Automotive with responsibility for all English-based communications – website, press, social, etc.


  • English language editing for an all-new website for Koenigsegg, putting the finishing touches on text supplied by Koenigsegg to remove the ‘Swenglish’ and make it flow better for the English-speaking reader.


  • contributed an article to Auto Motor and Sport (to appear in 2012), and
  • edited an English language version of an iPad magazine about Porsche (author undisclosed – to appear in 2012).

Over the years I have visited the following motor shows and events, providing in-depth coverage of each:

  • 2006 Sydney Motor Show
  • 2007 Saab Festival – Trollhattan, Sweden
  • Personal Tour of Saab Factory – 2007
  • Global Launch of 2008 Saab 9-3 range – Trollhattan, Sweden
  • 2008 North American International Auto Show (Detroit)
  • 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show
  • 2010 Geneva Motor Show
  • 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show
  • 2010 Saab Festival – Trollhattan, Sweden
  • 2010 Swedish Car Day – Boston, USA
  • Tour of Koenigsegg facilities, Ångelholm, Sweden – 2010
  • Global launch of all-new Saab 9-5 – 2010
  • 2011 New York Auto Show
  • 2011 IntSaab – Finland

I have also produced many videos containing Saab-related content, most of which can be seen at the Swade99 Youtube channel. There are also a few on Saab’s official Youtube Channel (look for the Inside Saab playlist).



Inside Saab was an official blog from Saab Automobile. I was hired by Saab to put the site together and commenced with them in April 2011. We had a good run, with nearly 50,000 individual readers each month and growing. Not too bad considering we started from scratch with no base for search traffic.

I was responsible for all content creation for the site – text, photo and video.

We covered the New York Auto Show as well as the 2011 IntSaab meeting in Finland.

Other events were put on hold due to Saab’s financial situation. Saab finally declared bankruptcy on December 19, 2011.

At the time of writing (December 28, 2011), Inside Saab was still online at http://inside.saab.com however it was due to be removed from the web in the short term. I have backed up the site at http://inside-saab.com in order to maintain it as an historical document for the company, and also from a personal point of view.



Trollhattan Saab (see below) was succeeded by Saabs United. “SU” became the global hub for information about Saab Automobile when the company was being sold by General Motors in 2009. In fact, the site served nearly 2,000,000 page views in January 2010, when the deal was finally agreed.

The site became instrumental in enthusiasts organising a series of Saab Support Convoys in January 2010. These convoys saw approx 10,000 people gather in 60 cities around the world to show support for the company and keep the sale present in the mind of the press.

In July 2010, Saab were kind enough to present me with an award named in the website’s honor. A copy of the press release:

Saab Automobile Inaugurates Saabs United Award

Trollhättan, Sweden: Saab Automobile, now moving forward as an independent premium carmaker, is to present an annual achievement award to any individual who makes the most outstanding contribution to the success of the brand.

The first winner is Tasmanian Saab enthusiast Steven Wade, who received the award in Trollhättan from Saab Automobile CEO Jan Åke Jonsson and Chairman Victor Muller. Steven, a 40 year old auditor, founded the SaabsUnited website and played a lead role earlier this year in rallying global public support for the company during negotiations for its sale by General Motors.

In recognizing Steven’s enthusiasm for the brand, Jonsson said the annual accolade would be known as the Saabs United Award. It will be open to any individual, a customer, member of staff or anyone who makes a special contribution to the Swedish brand’s success. Each year, Jonsson will lead a small judging panel of Saab executives to decide the winner.

The Saabs United Trophy consists of a model of Saab’s first car, Ursaab, mounted on a plinth together with an unlikely partner – a boomerang. This was presented to Jonsson by Wade when protracted discussions for the sale of Saab were successfully concluded. “It is people like Steven and many thousands of Saab fans around the world who really deserve such an award,” said Jonsson. “In a way, you could say I am returning it, which seems quite appropriate.

“The Saabs United award will be made annually as the company’s way of expressing its gratitude to people like Steven and others who continue to show us such great support.”

Saabs United was sold to a new operator in March 2011 and remains online. I contribute to the site on an occasional basis.



My first website was a Saab enthusiast site called Trollhattan Saab:

  • 5,165 posts
  • over 47,000 comments

Trollhattan Saab established a reputation for breaking news and spyshots of new Saab vehicles, whilst building a good rapport with Saab Automobile and other motoring publications. The site remains online, but inactive.


  1. Brilliant ! Good luck ! If you want to join at Saablog-in , the door is opened but it will be for free

  2. Swade

    Thanks for rejoining the blogsphere. The guys over at SU are doing a valiant job but I miss your writing. You have a great talent and ability to write well and convey your passion with a fine balance that is rarely achieved on the interwebtubes.

  3. Hi Swade,

    I like your eloquence and your objective views of things happening. I’ve been enjoying reading your writing since Trollhattan Saab, Saabs United and thereafter the Inside Saab (and this site too).

    Wish you all the best and success in achieving your goals as beautifully as you always pen your words.

  4. Swade, do you happen to know if the SU Award was presented to anyone in 2011? I understand things were a little busy last summer with the search for financing. Let’s just hope this award doesn’t become a one-off and will be resurrected once more. I’m sure there will be many eligible candidates once the back story of the (hopeful) successful sale of Saab is known.

    1. I do know. And no, it wasn’t presented to anyone. There were bigger fish to fry last year, I guess, and happy-family stories weren’t considered the order the day.

      It would be nice for it to continue, however I fear it won’t. The award had some meaning to the administration at the time, but I don’t think a new owner will see the need or the relevance. Here’s hoping that’s not the case.

  5. Hi Steven

    nice to reconnect on the www. I really appreciate your efforts and insight on SU. Always reading you with excitement.


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