There were three Saab Support Convoys in Poland today, with 270 cars in Warsaw (over 550 people), 31 cars in Poznan and 14 cars in Lodz.

What an absolutely fantastic effort!!

Plenty of images here.


I just wanted to highlight one photo collection that was sent to me by Justyn, one of the organisers there.

Click this link to see an amazing 64-image slideshow, one that encapsulates everything that today was about.

I’m not so big that I can’t admit I actually started fogging up in the eyeball area whilst watching that.

The cars. The people. (the weather).

This is what it’s all about.

Justyn joked to me that they changed the name of the capital from Warszawa to WarSAAB-a today. I think he’s right.

Congratulations to all.


An excellent collection of photos from Michal.

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