United States and Canada

North American locations for Saab Support Convoys held in January 2010 were as follows:

Memphis TN, USA – 15 cars
Vancouver, Canada – 9 cars
Nashville TN, USA – 5 cars
San Francisco – 1 cars
Minneapolis MN, USA – 38 cars
Washington DC, USA – 35 cars
St Louis MO, USA – 10 cars
Chicago, USA – 70 cars
New York, USA – 54+ cars
Jacksonville FL, USA – 15 cars
Denver CO, USA – 67 cars
Toronto, Canada – 57 cars
Carolinas, USA – 4 cars
Montreal, Canada – 6 cars
Atlanta, USA – 24 cars
Brookline, USA – 88 cars (official, more later)
New Mexico, USA – 8 cars
SoCal, USA – est 30 cars
Kansas City, USA – 4 cars
Detroit, USA – 28 cars +

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  1. I still regret that Cleveland, Ohio didn’t get a convoy together. We have a significant SAAB population here, and I think that if the word had gotten out, we would have been on the list, too.

    On a related note, it always makes me happy to see another SAAB or two in traffic. Thankfully, I usually spot at least one in every car trip. It’s been said that I have SAAB-dar!

    Keep SAABing-

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