Another of the weekend’s gatherings was right here in Australia, in the city of strange football, fashionistas and ridiculously high house prices – Sydney.

A note from my mate Hawkeye, who organised the day:


We had a great day considering we had a lot of rain the last 24 hours. A total of 15 people and 9 Saabs (there’s one missing from the photo).

The photo of the Saabs in one line was taken inside the Royal National Park, which is the world’s second oldest national park – after Yellowstone in the USA.

It’s located just on the outskirts of southern Sydney.

What a sight it was to see us weaving our way through the lush green areas through the mist up to Stanwell tops.

It was a special day, but then again it’s suppose to be given that it is summer in Sydney.

A magnificent cake from one of our members Sue. Too bad we had to cut it up!

A great day had by all.

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