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The gathering at Duxford Imperial War Museum was limited to some 80 cars.

Mr Saab, Erik Carlsson cut the cake and enjoyed the overwhelming amount of international support for Saab.

Total amount of cars joining in the convoy was approximately 120 and we picked up some more down the road, average 3+ passengers, some 400 people involved in total.

The local GM workers Union in Luton showed their support along the route we followed passing the Saab UK head quarters.

There are some sensational photos available here on Flickr.

Robin M also has a good collection of photos here.


Throughout more than 60 years of the existence of Saab cars, the dedicated engineers in Sweden have developed many technical innovative solutions, benchmarking the industry and leading the way in safety and fuel efficient technology.

We don’t want to see this legacy split up, the teams of dedicated engineers being torn apart and State of the Art production lines being dismantled and sold as scrap!
Our fear is that GM Is reluctant to sell Saab as a functioning entity for fear of creating a possible future competitor.

In our opinion this risk is non-existent as Saab owners are a species in their own right. Saab used to build unique cars, appealing to it’s own group of admirers.
Cars with character, stubborn and firm. Cars for people who enjoy the driving experience, not floating smoothly suspended over a US highway, but to be out there on the twisty narrow European roads, with fog and rain and snow and ice.

Unfortunately GM appear not to be aware that it was it’s specific character that made Saab such an appealing car. This large car manufacturer tried to re-brand it as a more luxurious brand, for middle class, middle of the road clients in an attempt to pump up the production volumes. This did not work out.
Like good food and wine, smaller production volumes can give the best quality because of the attention, quality control and specific taste. Something that you love or hate, but not a product you swallow without giving it a second thought.

Despite the cool Scandinavian image of the brand, Saab drivers are passionate and emotional about their brand. Don’t let it die, but give it back to the people who love and will care for it, and who like to drink their Aquavit without Coke.

To further improve the awareness of our Appeal, the worldwide Saab community is organising Save Our Saab Support Convoys on 17th January 2010 in many countries.

The UK Convoy will head for the Saab UK headquarters in Luton, from where a cavalcade will commence to the Imperial War Museum in Duxford as a tribute to the aerospace legacy of Saab.

We kindly ask the Media to give as much coverage as possible to this subject to prevent the silent dismantling and death of a unique brand that has already given so much regarding safety and technical innovation to the car industry and can continue to give us so much more!

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