Swade’s 7 ‘Investment’ Cars For Less Than $30,000

[hr] I recently featured 7 classic car investments for rich people here on site with the promise that Gavin and I could come up with lists of our own. The terms and conditions: The budget is for a maximum of A$30,000 You must be able to show an example of the car for sale somewhere in the world under that price (at a current rate of exchange). The car has to be interesting. The writer should be able to provide some short theory as to why it’s a possible long-term proposition for making a little money (or, at the very […]

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7 Classic Car Investments For Rich People


[hr] [dropcap]C[/dropcap]lassic Driver’s a website I enjoy reading from time to time. The site has a classified advertising section and some of the cars that come up are absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, many of the best ones don’t have prices attached so it’s hard to know just how much money’s missing from your piggy bank. I’ve written on this site about classic car investment a few times in the past. It’s becoming a very real investment alternative for those with plenty of cash already squirrelled away. You need big $$$ to get a foot in the door and a keen eye, […]

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