Sorry about that……

Hi all,

It seems we had an unwelcome presence here on the website over the weekend.

I don’t know how long the little bug has been around, but I first noticed it on Friday. When I started doing something about it, it seemed to trigger a bunch of emails being sent to people about posts, removed posts, and possibly even medications that you (probably) don’t need!

I’ve worked all weekend on rooting out the problems. I’ve removed some malicious code, about 3,000 spammy links, and around another 3,000 old posts from the TS days. It’s kind of sad to see them go but they had no images and were full of dead links, so it’s probably for the best.

The deep scans have come back clean, so Swadeology is now exposed to the world once again.

If there’s anything good to come from this, it that I realise that I wanted to clean this site up and save it rather than just let it succumb to the black-hatted types. I do like having this place around to record some thoughts every now and then. And I’ll try and make use of it a little bit more.

So again, my apologies to anyone who was inconvenienced.

And if there are any more issues, please do let me know.

Cheers, SW

Postscript: It seems I’m having to approve comments for most people. Quite likely a result of the clean-up I’ve had to do. So please don’t fret if you’re comment doesn’t appear immediately.

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  1. No problem, it’s always good to hear from you. I figured it was a bit of website maintenance gone wrong.

    1. Sadly it was a bit nastier than that. Some bot from somewhere breaking in and injecting bad bad things. Now shown the door.

  2. I rather enjoyed all the SAAB-reminiscence reading the emails to be honest.

    Hope life’s good Swade!

    1. Chris, I’m not even sure what emails people received. Some mention posts, like you have. One mentioned getting ads for pills. Maybe they were in the posts (there was code in there for that, which I had to remove. Manually. From 1100 posts, Ay curumba!).

      Anyway, apologies once again and thanks for understanding. Life is good indeed, but more on that soon.

      1. Hello, I got a combination of all of the above. Lost count and did a batch delete in the end, so no great hassle.
        Glad to hear you will be continuing to post occasionally. I look forward to reading your observations, whenever they come.
        Best wishes for 2024.

  3. Thank you, Swade, for this explanatory update. For a bit there I thought you had resurrected some old context as a spam monster.

    I’m glad to hear this inspired you to do a deep dive clean-up. I, too, need to do the same with my currently hibernating I want to gain full access back to all that 6+ years of data as proof of experience for my upcoming freelance writer project I’m starting. There’s some ‘gold’ in there that is ripe for ‘mining’.

    Enjoy the refreshed start of this New Year!

  4. Swade I must admit I was confused and a little worried when all the E Mails started to appear I looked more closely and realised that they were being sent to one of my old E Mail addresses Ballards of Finchley Saab and Viking Saab I have been a Saab official dealer for over fifty years and still lament there demise we still carry on servicing and repairing Saab cars amazing when you think about how long they have been gone.
    In those dark days of Saabs difficulties we found your E Mails full of hope and News a great comfort I know you were like me bit by the Saab Bug and it’s impossible to let go good luck with what ever you are up to these Days Chris

  5. Don’t you just LOVE computers!
    I saw a blast of emails from you, noted all were old topics, and immediately knew (or suspected) what had happened.

    No worries!

  6. Happy 2024 Swade:

    No worries at all. It was great seeing “Swadeology” in my notification hub!!


  7. I would love to see your “Saab Innovations” blog reposted again.
    I shared it with fellow Saab aficionados and received a wonderful
    response. Thank you for all you do!