Saabs at Elmia 2011

The Bilsport Magazine Custom and Performance Motor Show was on at Elmia, in Jönköping, Sweden on the Easter weekend. This is an annual event that attracts huge crowds, with plenty of exciting metal on display for the visitors to peruse.

Brands like Saab typically have enthusiasts at their core. It’s one of the reasons this website exists. Some enthusiasts show their passion for the brand by keeping a car in absolute factory-fresh condition for years on end. Others take a different view, seeking to customise their car to their tastes – whether they be mild or extreme.

The Bilsport show at Elmia tends to cater for the custom car builder, though there are plenty of well-preserved examples of different marques in the ‘Nostalgia’ halls as well.

Saab were well represented in a number of displays, the single most notable of which was a 5-car display by aftermarket tuning company, Maptun. The company’s owner, Fredrik Bengtsson, even had his own new Saab 9-5 on display with custom carbonfibre trim parts that the company is developing.

A Saab 96 V4 historic rally racer was a particular highlight, having been restored to immaculate condition. This car is a now a regular competitor in the Midnight Sun historic rally held here in Sweden.

The Saab 900, below, was restored by a couple of young, 18 year old Swedes. These guys should be very proud of their work as the car showed brilliantly.

There were many more customised Saabs on show at Elmia, including a hybrid combining the body of a Saab 9-3 SportCombi with the running gear of a Dodge Viper!

Please feel free to check out the slideshow, below, or view the images in a larger size at Flickr: Custom Saabs at Elmia 2011.


Note: Tuning Saabs is a tricky business. Saab have only one official tuning house who can tune your new Saab whilst still maintaining your new vehicle warranty coverage. This tuner is called Hirsch Performance and they are located in St Gallen, Switzerland. Their products are available in many markets where Saabs are sold. Check with your local dealer.

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  1. I sure look forward to the day when Swades posts like this are again the rule rather than the exception. Owning and driving Saabs should be about the pleasure and passion of being behind the wheel or getting our hands dirty working on our cars, not business and financial rumor and speculation as it has been for for the last three weeks. I’ll bet getting out of Trollhattan and going to the Bilsport show was a bit of fresh air for our intrepid man for down under.