Share your view of Saab in New York and win!

REMINDER – Those of you attending the New York Auto Show this weekend…… don’t forget to get your photo in so that you can WIN!


A couple of notes about the New York Auto Show, which continues until its close on Sunday evening…..

What is your view of Saab?

If you’re attending the New York Auto Show, then make sure you track down one of the attendants at the Saab stand and get your hands on the Sony Ericsson Xperia in their pocket.

Saab and Sony Ericsson are running another photo competition at the New York Auto Show and there are some fantastic prizes available every day and a grand prize at the show’s conclusion. To enter, simply use the Xperia’s camera to take a photo at the Saab stand showing “your view of Saab”. You will be asked for an email address for the entry, but this email will only be used for the purposes of the competition (i.e. to notify you if you win a prize).

Daily winners receive a MW600 wireless HiFi headset that can pair with your phone, PC or provide music on the run with it’s built in radio.

The grand prize winner at the end of the show will win the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, the first phone to couple a Playstation control for gaming and a full-feature Android phone together in one slick device.

The photo contest has had a great reception so far and you can read full details about the competition, as well as seeing all the entries so far, over at Saab’s Facebook page. Here’s a sample of what you’ll see:


Make sure you pick up a program at the show, even if only as a Saab souvenir.

Why? Well, take a look at the front cover (at right).

That’s the Saab PhoeniX concept dominating the program, which is a fantastic coup for Saab. It continues a long line of Saab concept car success, following on from the Saab Aero-X and Saab 9-X BioHybrid and 9-X Convertible concepts, all of which won accolades at their respective auto shows.

Years from now it’ll be the PhoeniX concept that kids remember first when they thumb through their copy of the program once again.


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  1. I wish I had picked up a copy of the Auto Show program, Steve. It would have been a particularly good souvenir for me, one with a good story I could tell for years to come: “See this car, kids? It’s the Saab your grandfather thought he’d have to drive home when the driver’s side door closed unexpectedly, locking him inside for five minutes or so. Thankfully, Steve Wade got the door to open. Good thing, too, since driving the car home would have cost your grandfather all of your inheritance. And then some since one-of-a-kind concept cars don’t come cheap!”

    1. That would have been cool indeed. You’re not in the city this week? I reckon you could buy one in the foyer of the Javits without having to pay admission.

      1. I’m back home after a long week or so in NYC. I had a great time while I was there, including all my conversations with you and other people from Saab. I may have to send a representative to Javits for copies of the program.

        1. hi Curvin, don’t scare everyone away from New York. As I’m sure you know, one can certainly can spend a lot of money in restaurants here, even a lot more than at Armani Ristorante, but there are also lots of wonderful neighborhood and ethnic places once you get out of mid-town that are pretty reasonable.

          1. Agreed. Exploring NYC’s neighborhood and ethnic places can be a real bargain, not to mention an enormous amount of fun.