Welcome to Inside Saab

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Inside Saab – a new initiative from Saab Automobile to bring the company closer to its enthusiast community.

My name is Steven Wade. Those who know me – and many who don’t – call me Swade. I’ll be your host on a journey into the heart of this wonderful carmaker. Some of you may be familiar with my previous work at a site called Saabs United, where a community gathered to support Saab as they were sold by General Motors to become an independent company back in 2009/10.

Saabs United continues in good hands, but Saab has decided to take a big leap of its own into the social media space, and I’ve been fortunate enough to be invited along for the ride. To work for one’s favourite company, in such an exciting industry and at such a unique time in history is an enthusiast’s dream. I’ve been on board with Saab for just two weeks and I’m already bursting at the seams over the things I’ll be able to share with you here. I’m even more excited about the things I can’t share, but we’ll get to those eventually.

Saab is blessed with a passionate and engaged enthusiast community. Rather than just have you read press releases, we want to bring you Saab’s story from the inside, and from an enthusiast’s point of view.

  • How do we design and build our cars?
  • Who are some of the people involved?
  • What goes on behind the scenes?
  • What happens at Saab events around the world?
  • How can you connect more with Saab?

We don’t want you to just read more about Saab. We want you to experience more, too. We’ll give you plenty of information about official Saab events around the world and how you can participate.

A conversation needs two or more people. We invite you to connect with us here at Inside Saab via the comments section of the site. You can also connect by being a fan of Saab Cars on Facebook, or following Saab’s official twitter feed. We’ll add more outlets for connection as time goes on.

Saab has a rich history, filled with superb, iconic vehicles and stories of innovation, determination and triumph over adversity. These are still challenging times for Saab, but they are also exciting times as we build on our independence and bring you an all-new range of Saab vehicles and technology.

You’ll be able to read about it all, right here on Inside Saab.

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  1. Good to see you have found your place Swade. Good luck on your new adventure. I do think SAAB hired the right man for the job. Cannot wait to see what is in store for all of us.

  2. As former publisher of NINES magazine in the U.S., I know how exciting it can be to be privy to inside info that you get to share with the Saab enthusiasts. Best of luck to you and to Saab on this new communication format.

  3. Well done, Steve! Good to see Saab doing something about the online fan community. And even better: they couldn’t have hired a better guy for it! I’m looking forward to reading lots of interesting stuff here in and between the lines.


    ivo 71

  4. Great to see this site coming up! I expect to be addicted to both Saabsunited and Inside Saab soon 🙂 Good Luck Swade & Good Luck Saab!

  5. Cheers Mate. Here we go! Let’s see if you can get me to change my home page from NG Saabs United to Inside Saaab. Best of luck.

  6. What a surprise, Swade.
    It’s great you’re back in the blogosphere. The people at SAAB are just going on with doing things right.

  7. Great to see your mugshot, mate. Good luck, I count on some excellent materials from you again. 🙂

  8. Nice to see you at work again, Swade! I have to say I like the design of insidesaab.com, and I´m curious of what this site will bring us, as your intentions seems very good! Best of luck with your new job!

  9. Swade,
    Congrats on this new venture in your life. Great to have you back on the Web and inside Saab!! See you at the show.


  10. Hi Swade!

    I´m looking forward to seeing what you have come up with. “Knowing” you we can expect great things 🙂

    Good luck and thank you,

    1. And I’d like to add that it’s great that you now can focus on editorials and deeper and longer posts. It’s where you can let your top-notch writing-abilities shine! It’s now or never, so go for it! =)

  11. Welcome Swade!

    So happy to see you in your new position at SAAB! We like you are so excited about the future and want to support the SAAB brand anyway possible. I look forward to your future communications and insights on the SAAB brand and this exciting new venture. Congratulations!

  12. Again, congratulations on pulling off the “inside” job!

    Can’t wait to see how this is getting beyond the usual social-media PR.

  13. Congratulations on your success, Swade. It’s great to have you keeping us involved and up to date, especially now from behind the scenes. We’re rooting for you, and for Saab!

  14. Good Luck…Now maybe Saab can find a way to get customers in the showroom again and buying SAABS…The damage is done and they need to turn it around YESTERDAY!!

  15. Hi Swade, Saab: “The Connected Car Manufacturer” 🙂
    Let’s rock!
    And….. inside.saab up!

  16. Oh no! I´ll have to get my self another life just to keep up with all the blogging going on.
    🙂 It´s becoming a full time job this blog-reading and F5 hitting……… 🙂
    But now tell us. What´s all about an Astra in a mule disquise within the Saab plant? As told on SU.

  17. Hey Swade,
    Great to see we finally have an official news feed to follow. Just added Saab Inside to my RSS in ‘mail’ and will be looking forward to your next update.

    Best regards WooDz

  18. Phenomenal! Please consider establishing a social linkage allowing us to appreciate those silent warriors and front-line heroes, i.e., SAAB employees at factory in Trollhättan. When any minor-to-major turbulence occurs, they’re not alone because we’re united.

    1. Tienne Chen

      You are so right – we are here all across the globe. We need to find ways to transform our engagement and unity in to a change in consumer behaviour.

      We need to reveal some of that power we showed when times were tough. One way to do so would be to beat the turbulence when worst – not by neglegence of the problems nor by killing the messenger – but as you point out, show our appreaciation on those who dear fight for not just a brand future, nor a heritage but as a way of life. Doing what one believe in combining passion hard work and beating the odds.

      We and Saab already created history – not the least last year. There are a great need to explore this path further.


  19. Added to my favorites… right next to SU! 😀
    I´ll be looking for it everyday as i still do for SU. And from an inside point of view… 😉

  20. Hello Swade, nice to hear from you! Have you now become a competitor for Saabs United or am I right that this blog is going to have a quite different approach? Good luck with your new job anyway! 😉

    1. SU is able to do a lot of things that Inside Saab won’t be able to do. And vice versa. Part of our mission is to promote good Saab content wherever it is so that more people can see it.

  21. Sporty new digs, Swade. I imagine that having Swedish minions has its perks. (The photo is vaguely Clarksonesque…. not sure why I think that. Let’s hope that you won’t alienate half the world every other day as he does. ;-))

  22. Howdy Swade! Great to see you back! I hope both SU and IS will be balanced and survive separately. My best wishes are now crawling towards SI. Take care and looking forward to reading you! Regards, Radu.

  23. Welcome Swade, nice to see you again. 🙂
    You deserved this dream job and it is nice to see you here.

    With you at the heart of Saab I am sure that this thing cannot fail. 🙂

    Wish you all the best, and can’t wait to read your excellent writings again. 🙂

  24. Awesome News Swade. Lets get the funding situation handled and Lets all Griffen Up for 2011. Sales have taken off this month, should be great news in the press.

  25. Swade! Quijote here…. looks like this site will be the corporate cousin to SaabsUnited.com eh? I’ll surely add BOTH to my morning routine.

    Good luck

  26. I love the idea of another venue to get information on my favorite automobile. Loved your Saab’s United site (still do) and I’m looking forward to other great things from you. Good luck Swade!

  27. So, Swade, now you truly are the official inside source! Congratulations on the new blog and I am looking forward to the news from New York.

  28. Rarely do stories end as happily as this one, not that the end has even been written yet.

    Congrats, Swade.

  29. Hi Steven,

    It’s great to see you and the new site on line. It’s in my bookmarks and I’m looking forward to more from you and Saab.

    Best wishes always to you and Saab.


  30. Steven, so glad to see you off and running with your first post on Inside Saab. It’s certainly been a whirlwind for you the past two weeks. Hope the move back to Melbourne is smooth for you and your family. I’m actually watching some footy right now as I compose this (Hawthorn v. Richmond at the MCG). We get delayed broadcasts on PBS here in the States so don’t spoil it for me. Best wishes on your new career with Saab!

  31. Congratulations Mr. Wade on a beautiful site. I feel much more confident about our brand with you on the “inside”.

    “Inside Saab” will be a daily read for me. There is not a more deserving individual. I wish you much success.

    As always, if there is anything I/my company can do to assist you do not hesitate to contact me. We are willing to sponsor events if necessary.

    I have contacted the “SU Crew” about trying to form a “Saab Caravan” to “SAABs @ Carlisle 2011 event next month. Many years ago we use to run Saab Caravans to the annual SOC events. I would love to see this come back!

  32. Nice new digs you have here, Swade! I like what you’ve done with the place. Can’t wait to see what we’re all in store for.
    Hope to catch you Thursday after the conference for a quick ‘allo!

  33. (aka spidaman) Glad to see you back on line, Swade! Griffin up!

    When is the International Delivery program coming back?

  34. So glad to see you in your dream job. You deserve it Swade. I will miss the balanced skepticism you brought when times called for it. I suppose you will not be using this platform to call anyone(such as the press) out anymore? Well I suppose that’s why we still have SU. Thanks

  35. Hi Swade! It`s great to see you back in buissness again!
    So do you suggest I use Inside Saab or Saabs United as my start page on my browser? 🙂

  36. Un sito per tenere connessi gli appassionati Saab è una ottima idea, ma non basta. Saab è una macchina per pochi appassionati, e occorre stimolare il senso di appartenenza a qualcosa di speciale. Vediamo cosa ne verrà fuori.
    Staiyng tuned!

  37. Swade,
    Looking good and congratulations again. I am happy you like New York. First Saab USA office was there as you know, and the 93 was introduced to the USA at the same show you are attending. Saab moved to New Haven CT, just an hour or so north of NYC, and then to Orange Connecticutt in the Bob Sinclair go go era. So Saabs are still plentiful in NY NJ, and New England.

    Good luck to you, I am so excited about you new Saab venture. I will be reading you with my morning coffee every morning! This morning I am in the California Sierra Mountains at Mammoth Lakes where my trusty 2001 Saab Aero took Mary Ann and I and a load vacation stuff through the high desert [5000 feet] at 31+mpg at 75mph!! What a great car even at 160,000 miles.

    Will be looking for your reports!!! So glad you are there.

  38. You will be my first stop each morning. I look forward to reading.

    By the way NYC was the first home for Saab headquarters in the 1950s, so you will find lots of Saabs in NY, NJ and New England.

    Have fun in NYC and all the best of success to you with INSIDE.SAAB.

  39. This looks brilliant 🙂 It’s fun to see the start of a brand new adventure, once again, but with such exciting new ingredients!! I’m enjoying it already!!

  40. Hello Swade, it is good to hear from you here, “inside” Saab! Already in my favorite. Cheers

  41. Congrats Swade! Now you have all the Djupe Strupe access you will ever need! Power ON!

  42. Swade,
    Great stuff.
    I missed the start a couple of days ago, but shortly reading through the comments I see a lot of former trollhattansaab.net- & saabsunited-‘regulars’ found their way in to your new blog.
    I’m curious how you will translate the spirit from both your former blogs into this ‘official’ one.
    Congrats again with the change of direction in your life and your job.