Pang Da visiting Sweden and Saab facility in Trollhattan

An update from the inside……

Pang Da’s visit to Sweden began today. The program commenced in Stockholm, including several meetings with key stakeholders and authorities. Pang Da representatives met the Chinese Ambassador and then, later in the day, had discussions with representatives of the Swedish Government, among them Maud Olofsson. These meetings are important because part of the deal between Pang Da and Saab is dependent on government decisions, from both the Swedish and Chinese sides.

During the day, meetings in Trollhättan also got under way, with Pang Da representatives present and participating.

The Sweden visit continues tomorrow in Trollhättan, where the Pang Da team will make a thorough review of Saab’s operations with a focus on finances and legal aspects. The visit includes both the factory and the technical development center. Tomorrow also sees the start of production in the factory.

Earlier this week, Vladimir Antonov met Maud Olofsson.

“It was a good meeting. The purpose was primarily to establish direct contact and the discussions were conducted in a positive spirit,” says Anna Petre, who is responsible for Saab’s government relations.

In parallel with these meetings, work continues to secure financing for the medium to long term.

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  1. I’m getting positive about this. Any news about the production line starting tomorrow…? 🙂

    Even if there only will be 100 produced cars, that is 100 customers getting 100% happy

    1. Production is definitely scheduled to be underway tomorrow and yes, building 100 cars is the plan, as has been mentioned in the press.  I’ll be there when things get underway around 10am.