Poll – What’s your favourite color Saab 9-3x?

I’d like to do a little experiment here.

Yesterday I heard that one particular color in the Saab 9-3x range was the lowest selling color (there has to be one, of course) and thus was in danger of being cut to make way for a new color in the coming model year.

What I’d like to do is conduct a poll looking at the current Saab 9-3x colors and see which colors are most (and least) popular with readers. It’ll be interesting to see the results.

Your choices, all from the current Saab 9-3x color palette, are as follows:

Arctic White:

Laser Red:

Carbon Grey Metallic:

Diamond Silver Metallic:

Glacier Silver Metallic:

Jet Black Metallic:

Oak Brown Metallic:


You can only vote for one color.

Please cast your vote in the poll below. It’ll be interesting to see whether the least favourite color in this poll is the same as the slowest selling color in dealerships.

[poll id=”2″]


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  1. Two errors here: First, your headline says “9-4x”. Second, I am automatically shown the results of the poll without being able to cast my vote.

  2. I haven’t seen any pictures of an oak-brown 9-3X in the metal yet.
    So I guess, oak brown isn’t too popular with the dealers – but if I was to order a new 9-3X, oak would be one of two favourite options – the other one being glacier silver.

    1. I like it too, but I always thought it was more of a 9-5 type color – more suited to big, elegant cars. I didn’t realise people would find it so suited to a more rugged type of Saab.

      1. Although it’s true that the 9-3X is a rugged car, it is also very elegant and desireable… But you’re right, it does fit an executive sedan like a glove, even the 9-5 Combi. I wish my old generation 9-5 Combi had this color instead of gray-blue metallized!

    1. Interesting.. Ben had the same problem (see comment above) and one of the guys in the office here, did as well. Must be a problem with the polling plugin. Will check it out.

      Thanks for letting me know.

  3. Hi Swade,
    I have a few questions. What coulor is it on the 9-5 SC that normaly shows on photos and was shown in Nacka? Is it Carbon Grey? It looks that Saab is most happy about that coulor.
    Do you know if its coming any new coulors on the 9-5 MY12?
    One Saab-dealer told me that Saab is putting a 9-5 SC in Landvetter i may. Do you know what date and what coulor it will have and if it is a aero or vector?
    I shall order one 9-5 SC aero but i havent decided what coulor it will be.
    Thanks in adwance.

    1. Hi Pacca.

      The color on that car was Granite Grey. The car was produced specifically with the Geneva Motor Show in mind and had to be ordered and specified in summer 2010 (some 9 months before the show). The color has since been discontinued. There are several similar colors to choose from in the current range.

      There will be new colors for MY12, but unfortunately I can’t tell you yet what they are 🙁 (by orders of the tall guy sitting next to me, who is in charge of these things)

      The 9-5 SC will be at Landvetter from May 17 and will be there for one month. It’s Granite Grey (all of the pre-production show cars were) and will be a TTiD Aero.

      Am pleased you’re going to order an Aero. Just be aware that the display car that’s made the rounds so far is in a color that you cannot order. You’ll need to choose an alternative if that’s the sort of color you’re looking for.

        1. Unfortunately, no. But I don’t think it’ll be too long. You can probably take most of the current 9-5 sedan range as a guide. If there are changes, it might be one-out, one-in.

          1. Do you think it will be in a month or two? When you put a lot of money in a car you dont want to miss the chance to order the right coulour. When the order is there I just can change in 5 days.

          2. I can’t promise something I don’t know. Unfortunately I’ve given the best advice I can already. Anything else, and I’d risk telling you something in error.

  4. Unfortunately it won’t let me vote, but I’ll just tell you that there’s something about the Arctic White that I love, I normally dont consider white a colour, but with that vehicle it looks great.

  5. I voted for the Glacier Silver (no problems using Firefox on XP), but am a little surprised to see Arctic White in first place. I agree it looks very sharp in the photo, but it is so hard keeping a white car clean I did not think white was very popular. (Hence the fact that my Saab dealer has by far more silver, grey and black cars in stock than any other color.)

    1. The problem is that dealers consider silver, black and grey the colors that will sell more easily than others – and some even talk customers into them to improve the resale-value of a car.
      Although there are colors that are too far out to sell easily, I think that cars with a distinct color – like the marvellous “Java” SAAB introduced for 2011 – are more attractive and sell just as well as or better than than silver and grey. Black was a great SAAB color, before every third SAAB was ordered in black.
      What I still miss in the SAAB color range is a really attractive dark red, although I must say Java is a formidable replacement. For any SAAB model except the 9-3X Java would be my personal joice.

  6. Voted Arctic white. I think SAAB has a hole in the lineup with no Pearl White. It is the perfect SAAB color and has been used to tease us all on various concepts but has not shown up on the production cars for some reason. Please Please consider this for the future.

      1. Agreed! My first/current Saab is a 2009, 9-3 in Fusion Blue and I am very sad that it is no longer available. Fjord Blue is also very pretty. But to have no blue available doesn’t seem right ;(

  7. Why isnt the Java Brown Available on the 9-3X? To me that would be the obvious choice if/when I get the fundings for a brand new Saab! 🙂 BTW, Congrats to the new job/site, Swade. Good work as always!


  8. I have a 1999 9-3 Convertible Black With Black top. tan seats, Wish it had Black but I Love my car. If I ever am Blessed to get a new 9-3 convertible. It will be a triple Black car. Keep Em. Fast & classy. Joe

    1. The dark blue colors were present in the first model year of the Saab 9-3x (2010) but were dropped in 2011 due to poor sales.

      The same will likely happen to at least one color in the transition from MY2011 to MY2012. I’ll share some results and conclusions from this poll over the weekend, along with a real-world look at the possible candidates for exclusion next model year.

  9. I think the black trim really influences the color on the 9-3X. I agree that the oak is nice, but on this model I think the white really stands out. I’d say I pretty much agree with the poll results so far.

  10. I don’t like the white + black plastic. I think it looks front heavy or like its leaning forward. I think it looks great in dark colors though.

  11. like the last comment.. too high contrast between white & plastics on most of the images.
    IF bumpers are coated in the same color as body then a soft white would be more popular.
    Also, dust are not that visible on a gray car => i vote for a gray car but I want the plastics coated in the same color as the body with black stripes or lines where they meet and at the sides where steel is bent just below the windows. THAT would appeal to me.

  12. Bring back Scarabee green and have beige moldings!!! or the black it Bordeaux-redish moldings!! and the Espresso was SUCH a nice colour too, also matched with beige moldings. to cater for those latte’ mothers that live in swanky little country towns.

  13. I agree with Momcat3. I have the new Saab 95 which is a fjord blue and I always receive lots of comments about the colour and of course about the car.

  14. Vill ni ge Saab en överlevnadschans, ta fram 99-an i nyproduktion. Ändra inget a värde. Det hjulstället och bottenplattan är bilens signum, liksom den kraftigt böjda famrutan med upprätta, och därav tunna A-stolpar. Sikten är perfekt i en bra kaross.

    1. Nemlig!!
      Det samme kunne siges om den gamle 900, der er fremtaget fra 99. En retro 900 ville friste mig over evne. Det, der er fælles for de to er at de er udviklet mens Saab endnu var en del af en flykoncern.
      Derfor: Lad Gripen ingeniører og MMI eksperter udvikle det næste Saab cockpit og bring igen Saab et hestehoved foran de andre.

  15. I’m missing the dark blue collors too. And the ordinary non-metalic black.
    Metalic coloring is far too expensive.

  16. Hi, I am proud owner of the new 93x (one of the lastest produced :))). It is diamond silver, but only as a compromise. The scale of the colours is really austere.