Video: 2011 Mille Miglia teaser

We take this opportunity to wish the best to the three Saab entrants in the 2011 Mille Miglia historic rally in Italy:

  • Mats Fägerhag, Saab Automobile’s Vice President Vehicle Product Development, with Peter Bäckström, Director of the Saab Museum
  • Hans Hugenholtz, Chairman of Saab Automobile owner Spyker Cars N.V., and his wife Laurence.
  • Jacques Beherman, importer of Saab cars into Belgium, and Umberto Stefani, head of Saab in Belgium.

Here’s a little teaser as to what they’ll be up to starting very, very soon…..

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1 Comment

  1. Well done….I like it! Wish we were there spectating and shooting the event as well. Good luck to the Saab team! Those 93a’s really look wonderful. I am so happy that Saab ran in the 1957 mille and won the 750 class….gives us an entre into a special world of wonderful cars and shows how competitive Saab was at its founding. Think about that 93a going up against the best in the world and winning their class. For too long this success was all but forgotten. It is great to see that it all has come forward to be a very visible part of Saab’s rich competition history.

    Very good work on the video.