Hirsch Performance Saab 9-5

I’ve not written about Hirsch Performance much here. They are Saab’s official tuning house, the only way to have your Saab performance tuned and retain your full factory warranty.

Hirsch have just released the full details of the new performance package for the Saab 9-5 and it looks like a cracker.


THE CONCEPT BECOMES REALITY – The Saab 9-5 Hirsch Performance

Last year’s Auto Zurich motor show saw the unveiling of the vision for a Saab 9-5 Hirsch Performance. Months of intense development now lead to a Performance Package that does justice to the charactaristic Swiss quest for perfection.

The breathtaking power of the 2,8T V6 engine goes along with an exquisitely detailed aerodynamics package, a quad exhaust and a lower, wider stance using 20″ forged wheels and a lowering kit.

Through this package the 9-5 Hirsch Performance is the ultimate expression of powerful exclusivity.

During the process of development all components had to pass a strict and rigorous test program on the test stand, wind tunnel and sound laboratory as well as on real roads. No matter if you are cruising through the city or going top speed at the autobahn – rest assured that your car is prepared for all situations you may have to face.

Powerful performance

Using the Hirsch performance upgrade, the 2,8T V6 delivers 330 hp which is an increase of 10 percent on the standard engine. The low end torque is already impressive with 400 Nm at 1500 rpm. From 2700 rpm on through the rest of the rpm band torque stays at a massive 430 Nm. The top speed is electronically limited to 260 km/h.

As Hirsch Performance follows the idea of “responsible performance”, the upgrade was certified to the strict emissions regulations of Euro5 and CARB LEV II LEV.

Breathtaking driving dynamics

The already exhilarating driving dynamics of the 9-5 were improved further by a spring setting which lowers the car by 20 mm on the front and 10 mm on the rear axle, tuned to perfectly match the active suspension (DriveSense). The lower centre of gravity leads among other things to greater cornering stability and shorter braking distance. The forged 9×20″ aluminium wheels in exclusive Liquid Titanium finish are extremely light at only 11 kgs, further enchancing handling. Along with the lowering kit they give a strong road presence to the 9-5 Hirsch Performance.

Sporty sound

To meet the expectations in a sporty executive car our sound designers put lots of efforts in the development of a sports exhaust in stainless steel which perfectly matches the character of the car. While cruising, the sound is moderate and refined, and at full throttle it becomes powerful and sporty.

All exhaust components are flow optimized to minimize pressure loss, improving the throttle response of the engine. The brushed stainless steel quad exhaust bezels are both sporty and elegant.

Effective aerodynamics

The new aerodynamics package consists of a front spoiler featuring an optimized air intake for improved cooling, side sills, a rear diffusor and a slender bootlid spoiler. It adds a sporty look to the 9-5 while preserving the original design.

Careful wind tunnel optimizing lead to impressive results: combined with the lowering kit, the cd value is reduced by almost 5 percent. In addition to that, the lift is reduced by 70% on the front axle and 40% on the rear axle, which leads to a significant enhancement of high speed stability.

Saab factory warranty

Hirsch Performance gurantees that the increase in performance is made with no compromises in durability or reliability. The Saab Original factory warranty and all Saab safety systems (ABS, ESP etc.) also remain unaffected.

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  1. Oh my God, this car is killer!!! I have ordered last week white 9-5 SC aero, maybe I need to update it with Hirsch when I get it…

  2. I had the privilege of getting a ride in this beast a few weeks ago. I only was the passenger when Till took it to its limit on a clear stretch of the German autobahn. I can confirm it’s absolutely stunning, like flying really… The only thing I would add are ventilated seats, as it can make passengers sweat… 🙂

  3. Gorgeous, I received the Hirsch enews this morning with this on to. Cancelled my new 9-3 last week and bought a 5 month old 2011 9-3 from SAAB GB already in the country; due to time constraints.

    Bad – I was really looking forward to having the Griffin 2012 edition.
    Good – I get to add some seriously nice Hirsch kit.

    Really hoping this still helps SAAB revenue in some small way, and really hoping manufacturers warranties are good to there word for the next few years!

  4. A couple of months ago, Hirsch announced that they will be teamiing up with dealers in the USA.  I’ve been to the Hrisch website and no US dealers are listed.  Does anyone have any idea when Hirsch will be coming to the US?  I certainly would want this for my 2010 9-5.

    1. Curt, things are on the move. Dealers can now order the software upgrade tool so I’d expect dealers to be ready in July/August. Best would be to contact your dealer for further information.

  5. Can Saab/Hirsch please build an automatic petrol 9-5 with a low CO2 output. It’s all I ask… In Ireland, we cannot go 260 km/h.

  6. Perhaps it is the white body color as well as the visual performance additions….but man what a SAAB looking car!  I almost wish this could be part of the 9-5 ultra aero package.  I have enjoyed the intro of the 9-5….this is the first time I have reacted with a “wow”.  Pull this into the mix!  Market this example of SAABishness!  

  7. My Independence Edition 9-3 convertible WILL get built, I WILL get it Hirsch’d, and I WILL love every moment in that car.

  8. It is great, really feel it in the mid range for overtaking, the numbers on the HUD speedometer tick up in a blur.

  9. This is incredible.  I would like to place an order.  How can I make such purchase? Could I purchase existing inventory MY 2011 & convert with option upgrade?