Saab 9-4x deliveries beginning in the United States

I thought it might be good to bring back some Saab 9-4x review summaries on the front page of this website.

The reason for this is a quote from Tim Colbeck, COO of Saab Cars North America, who appeared on Autoline After Hours last week. He stated the following during the interview:

“Around 5:30 today, the first 9-4x’s were shipped from the factory at Ramos, where they’re produced. So they’ll hit dealerships by the end of the month.”

That means there are some very exciting times ahead for Saab and a for a number of future Saab 9-4x owners. Your vehicles are on their way!

This has become one of the most anticipated model launches in modern times for Saab, both for the additional segment the vehicle will bring to Saab’s range, and also because the Saab 9-4x has been so well received by the motoring press in reviews so far.

If you haven’t checked them out already, here are the the early reports on the Saab 9-4x…..


Autoblog: “From its cantilevered roof to its sweeping “hockey stick” greenhouse, ice-block blue headlamps and full-width LED taillamp band that echoes that of the 9-5 sedan, Saab has done a remarkable job imbuing brand hallmarks old and new into this simple two-box form…..

…..the 9-4X clearly skews toward the sportier end of the luxury crossover arena, eschewing leather-lined kinschleppers like the Lexus RX and Volvo XC60 in favor of chasing sportier entries like the Audi Q5, Mercedes-Benz GLK, and BMW X3.”


AutoGuide: “Saab hasn’t been cruising on easy street, but the 9-4X could be the x-factor that changes negatives into positives.”


Car and Driver: C&D took a comparative approach, looking at the 9-4x in comparison with it’s sister vehicle at Cadillac, noting that Saab engineer Peter Dörrich was the chief architect behind both vehicles. You can see Peter’s view on the “Saabness” of this vehicle in this video, shot in Los Angeles last year.


LeftLane News: “Unlike the SRX, the 9-4X’s steering felt linear and direct, if a little light on feel. Reactions were quick at any speed, with positive turn-in and good straight line stability. Despite the Aero’s big 20-inch wheels wrapped in performance-oriented tires, the 9-4X was nearly silent on the highway. That bling hardly disturbed ride quality, either, which was several notches above the SRX. Where the Cadillac is wooden and confused over undulating surfaces, the 9-4X happily took anything in stride. Body lean is modest, as it should be in a soft-riding crossover.”


Motor Authority: “Cargo-wise, there’s lots to love here. Although the floor is a bit taller than you might expect, there’s a ‘hidden’ compartment under a large portion of it; rear seatbacks also fold flat, and they can be adjusted for rake to three different positions. The cargo management system is very useful, with a bar that can be configured to split part of the space off—to keep grocery bags from tipping, or suitcases from sliding around the space.”


Winding Road: “The controls enhance this feeling of refined responsiveness. The steering has a well-chosen ratio with decent on-center operation. The brakes are firm, with a pedal feel that should be studied by some sports car makers. Best of all, the automatic transmission, especially in sport mode, anticipates the downshift you will need so that you seem to be in the right gear for acceleration much of the time.”

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  1. Swade, 
    Any pics of 3.0 Non-navigation interior? I really like the US 3.0 XWD with power package ( nive amount of features for the price!) but wanted to see the interior without the navigation system since its not available on that model. 

    If you don’t have it – no worries, will just have to head to a dealer. 

    Thanks! Oh – love the site (I was and am a SU reader) 

      1. Don’t see a good place to put my Garmin, darn it.  It sits so nicely in the gap below the center console in front of the transmission shifter on my 9-3.  Hate to pay thousands for a Navigation system that is inferior and harder to use than my simple portable.  Oh well, love maps, so depending on how it is packaged, I might opt for the Nav, as I definitely am going for the Premium (light grey interior it is) w/ Panoramic roof.

  2. What a debut the 9-4x looks awesome, is there going to be a derivative in 9-5 guise ie 9-5x,..? I just think the 9-5 should have been given 4wd ages ago especially when it was expected to do justice with likes of Audi & Volvo both with sports utility 4wd versions years ago..?

    1. We have XWD on the 9-5 now, however I’m unsure as to whether there are plans for a 9-5x in the likeness of the 9-3x.  We wait and see.

      1. If that ever came to pass that’ll be machine dreams are made of. All that power it usually possesses, in equilibrium with XWD & as usual, in wagon guise. 

  3. Such a handsome couple! The 9-4X stands out, apparently also when you drive it. Talking about what should have happened is not really useful now. I’m convinced that Saab steals away customers (or get them back?) from the big brands. Hopefully Saab stays financially healthy enough to overcome the next period and we’ll be treated by goodlooking cars on the road again. Griffin Up!

  4. You should better deliver a winder for repairing a Saab 9.3 Sportlimousine in Switzerland. I’m waitîng for ten days ! And now it’s raining !

  5. We at Jim Ellis Saab can’t wait for the all new 9-4X.  From what I have read about it, it will do good in that market.  We are expecting are first shipment at the end of the month!!